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  1. DOH! Doh http://www.uploadit.org/files/231003-MT ... Manual.rtf read it yourself. its not there. k
  2. no. least i dont think so. i remember there being some people who made some photoshops that would show the whole players list by expanding it, and as i remmber there wasnt a way said on how to. this just bugged me, seeing 24 players connected, but only seeing 18 or so players names before you joined. real big breathru for me. and i thought others wanted to know how to do this. its better than nothing thou.
  3. because. dont know. hows that.? edit: oh and btw what do you want?!
  4. I found out how to scroll the players list on the mta client thing. Hold the mouse button, left, on a player name, then move the mouse to the left or right side of the box. to the right goes down, left goes up. So recap. Scroll players in list thing@
  5. ok, thanks for replying. i am going to try that. i set the controls on the game in classic mode, and not standard. which makes the left and right turn the character clockwise. dont know if this will work, and really have time thnking ohw to go about this. will try this thou. edit ok i tried changing the options in my controls. the only thing there is, is forwards back, left, and right. they are already set as wasd, up,down,left,right, and the xy joystick controls. i changed the controls from standard to classic, and doesnt work. the select character works with a joystick button. but
  6. During the character selection screen, i cant use the joystick to pick my character. i figured out how to select my character, just not change between them. using the digital pad to select. the [+ oo] the + thing. cant switch between characters. i figured how to select the character, confirm choice, using the buttons, [+ oo] the oo, i have to push enter car. its different than the rest of picking the new game, start mta. the digi pad dont work selecting character thou. is not a problem to use the arrow keys, it is because i have to get up.
  7. last time the color codes were posted.. they were deleted
  8. there should be an option in the server to allow mods. like, take the crc check off and on. and option to have crc check or no. then u can use mods. more mods. and it wouldnt matter, everyones game would be weird.
  9. i know what hes talk about. ure trying to uve already installed mta .2 or whatever, adn ure now went thru intsllaing and want to play, so you click the same thing u used installing with to start. it wont work like that, i dont know how you start up the different versions of mta, but im sure the mods do or someone. if theres a mta shortcut on your desktop, double click that.
  10. whos got the time? anyway, isnt vice city already set so when you exit one car and get in another, the other disappears? how does it work with mta?
  11. i got a question about this netcode. does 24 packets a second mean, 24 frames per second allowable? what happens between one packet and the next that makes the game go dead; like the cars stopping and stuff. can you guys make some sort of thing inbetwen to let everything in the game still keep going? like pedestrian like, when they haul out of a car, it keeps giong in the ocean like when u shoot them.
  12. so what the radar is correct but the skins are different? i think, the skins are all messed up. the radar i think is all messed up. i guess ure right, the name tagswould be all messed up too. i just thought maybe youall knew how to do this. wtv imnot putting forth no energy into this.
  13. yra, why dont you guys just give nametags colors. one for each whoevermany teams ? something. anything, seems like colors would be easy. since nothing else is working.. edit: a picture
  14. hmm, well if you guys want to take out joystick support then thata aload cuaes thats all i use is a joystick. crap ransom thats what you just said... me think that they are not wanting joystick support, well theere weeding it off little support by little, saying its unfair, to keyboard users what a crock. fuck a joystick isnt made fora pc anyway. anyway, i think that a keyboard with a mouse is unfair, but wth you cant tell cause of lag;jerkiness, wtv. if a keyboard user wants to use auto aiming, if yall want i can tell ya how to take out th aanlalog next weee
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