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  1. But what do to ped has attacked the player?
  2. VintProg

    Flag ped?

    And that to do? I without this shall not do mission, in joint passing
  3. VintProg

    Flag ped?

    So comprehensible 05E2=2,AS_actor %1d% kill_actor %2d%
  4. Possible change the parameters of the weapon through lua?
  5. Yes but where such functions as: Installing the flag of the actor, Adjustment article, actor to put for steering wheel, and machine to went on coordinates,
  6. For instance possible here do that in main.scm all? Use all functions mta?
  7. VintProg

    Walk Ped?

    So beside me version 1.0.4
  8. Possible use all opcodes from scm, in their own scripts&
  9. VintProg

    Flag ped?

    What assign flag an actor that he killed on player?
  10. VintProg

    Walk Ped?

    Realy it is impossible such does?
  11. VintProg

    Walk Ped?

    I it is necessary that actor walk on coordinates.
  12. VintProg

    Walk Ped?

    Created actor: ped1 = createPed ( 120, 1959.55, -1714.46, 20) As his(its) force to go on coordinates; Here is opcode for scm (from INI): 07CD=6,AS_actor %1d% walk_to %2d% %3d% %4d% stop_with_angle %5d% within_radius %6d% The Boys help please.
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