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  1. A quicker way is always better. Like a server browser outside the game, you can to the same fome inside, but is better if you can search a server to play before entering the game.
  2. LUA & MTA can't use an encoding for special non-ascii characters? I'm italian and a lot of italian words uses letters like ò, à, è etc. I have to use plain letters with " ' " to write them, and is really boring. I can figure how boring can be for a russian to translate every cyrillic character in ascii letters (by the way, i'm learning russian, very nice language ).
  3. Not a bad idea, but it means also to add an option for custom audio from the game in options menu, and to limit audio files size. Even a background and separated download of this kind of resource can be useful to play without waiting to load optional files.
  4. I don't think it takes so much making killable players that minimizes MTA, an internal event should be enough, on every OS is easy to handle a thing like this.
  5. Shadd00

    Resource center

    Think i can help translating in italian. I'm also doing this in the development wiki.
  6. Mh, new updates on Shadd's point of view. 1. REMOVE that "smooth mouse" thing, it's not really useful in graphics and get players mad about it, you have to use a laser to aim to where to point. 2. IMPLEMENT the map editor at once, i don't care it is perfect, i just don't want to get coordinates and things ids by going in single player using a trainer to know where i am. And you have seen for yourself what you get using months and months(and months and months)to program a thing in every infinitesimal line of code: less of 100 players playing MTA in post meridian hours in all the Earth after s
  7. Crashed changing mode after that transformer thing. Right-click download this.
  8. I didn't readed the hay resource, but I think that can be more than one files. Maybe coordinates and stuffs are in another file.
  9. I have no files like that, none in the GTA SA folder and nether in the GTA SA User FIles folder.
  10. Deleting the [.set] file should be sufficient. 1. I don't have Vista, but XP Pro. 2. I don't use joysticks. 3. What do I have to do again?
  11. I've already tried to search trough the forum about this: when I go into a server and i start playing, my mouse stop to work. I can't aim, rotate the camera or whatever. I've even tried to restart MTA or restart my PC, to move the mouse constantly in the loading screens but nothing. Please help and please fix this in the next release.
  12. Prova a creare una funzione a parte per rimuovere il testo ed aziona questa funzione con un timer di 5 secondi. Try to create a separate function to remove the textItem and active this function with a 5 seconds timer.
  13. That's really strange! Try to create a new account using the installer and wait a bit after.
  14. Just wait a bit and you will get it on your MTABeta page.
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