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  1. I'm encountering same issue even with inline optimizations disabled
  2. Change your timer on server to setTimer( setPedAnimation, 4000, 1, source, false)
  3. Some finds: gta_sa.exe doesn't even seem to start, so i can't even attach the debugger. After clean setup and build pthread(_d).dll seems to be missing from bin/mta folder. Copying it from working copy of mta doesn't help.
  4. Hey, for last 2 days am trying to compile and run mta, i can't run debug version because pthread_d.dll is missing, if i rename pthread.dll to that it just doesn't load the game after optimus settings are chosen. If i try to run release build i get this error: The first address changes on every run. What can i do about that?
  5. Haven't added it, i will look into it when i have some time, for now working on other projects. Should be pretty easy to add, but not sure about how to optimize it properly.
  6. Thanks for info Cody, i guess dark theme has problems with markdown, fixed it.
  7. MTA-Indicators This resource allows player to create custom indicators, both static positions and indicators following target element are possible to be created using this. Main features: Well optimized code, thousands of indicators can be created without causing lags on most PC's. OOP codebase. The resource is very customizable, there are function to get/set pretty much every variable. Example video of it in action: Details and download on Github: Github - MTA-Indicators
  8. I suggest looking into this shader: https://community.mtasa.com/?p=resources&s=details&id=7615 you would need to make depth buffer checks to make it not show through walls tho i think. I use a bit modified version of this shader in my project, and it seems to work pretty much like what you want: image
  9. It still may not be exactly 20 even if you set it as so, lua uses doubles(64 bit) to store numbers, which is floating point, the rotation is also floating point, but float(32 bit), at least internally in mta if i remember correctly. It may not be a problem in this case, but i suggest reading a but about floating point precision. Some good sites talking about that: http://0.30000000000000004.com/ a bit more technical: http://fabiensanglard.net/floating_point_visually_explained/
  10. In what situation would it not detect it? I can't think of a single case where it happens.
  11. Are you sure that "asdasd" data is false when you try to delete the timers? otherwise it will just create more timers in place of old ones.
  12. getElementData(thePlayer,"asdasd") You sure this data is set correctly? i don't see you setting it anywhere in the script
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