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  1. cracky

    MTA Dead?

    I'd like to ask... what do you think... with the release of GTA4, which offers a multiplayer straight - does anyone have interest in MTA anymore? In my opinion MTA did always have a small userbase which melted down due to the enormous delays over and over again and again. But now, in spite of the release as open source project, I finally think MTA is dead (or at least going to die finally very soon). Greetz and nice holiday wishes!
  2. yea you know what ? everyone is going to talk a shit about MTA, when GTA4 is released on computer finally. Told you ever since, MTA-Team isnt gonna make it until GTA4 is out - won the bet, huh? And where the fuck is dp3? does it take another half-year? sux.
  3. ?! i already did that... didnt change a bit... i think its a bug in this scriptfile! but: i found out that you can play race, when some1 already joined on the server and after that you change to race-mode and racemap regards, crack
  4. To where? search in your folder, there is already a standart settings.xml file... overwrite it!
  5. This is showing up when i try to start race: I already did install a fresh new version of the Server, but didnt help! Any ideas? regards, crack
  6. Yeah, sounds cool but seems to be a shit of a work... cant imagine how you want to realise that
  7. I just played on a server with about 40 People... assault on area51 well and some guys didnt want to play that and started votings. Voting didnt pass but 10 secs later the next vote came up... you were busy with spaming "9" for "dont change" instead of playing. I think there has to be a change somehow, this vote-spamming is annoying! greetz, crack
  8. cracky


    I got a ping of 60 but although its hard to kill someone else, even though i directly aim at him desync probably, but in the case of the guy with the strange nick it is quite obvious, that his connection is too bad.
  9. thats exactly what i was talking about. ENDLESS bugfixing, perfectionism. And paul527, if you thought "omg i pwned him so hard, becauz he wrote "PS. Idiot" but was telling me i shouldnt call him an idiot" - then you were wrong. I wrote that on purpose * And again if you didnt understand what i criticize, then read mdm13's post again, maybe you understand him better than me. regards, crack
  10. what else do you want doing other than bugs being fixed so that it will be stable for a release? yeah I noticed that cracky kindof avoided this question. ahahahahahah!!!! oooooooh look out! we got a psychic here! Two things idiot, first, you are contradicting yourself like you can't even read what you type, second, they are showing progress! Don't you even read whats on the dev updates? wait wait wait, holdon, can you even read? that might be the cause of all these problems you seem to be having funny you're calling me an idiot in the "The bad image of the MTA people"-Thread. And
  11. wrong! If someone would tell me its finished about 95% or something else, maybe 80 or 70% then i could estimate myself how long it would take. But at the moment i just see okay well they fix some bugs, but in my position i dont know how many are left or what else is on the list of the dev's to be overworked and so on. You know all guys here in this community seem to think that it is SO damn god impossible to guess when a project is going to be finished. But its not. Dont you ever guess in your private life ? For a presentation in school or something else? There you can also guess how much wor
  12. ye, but what is bothering me most is, that there isnt even a light at the end of the tunnel. All i read the whole time is "were fucking close to release" and "we want to release it as much as you", but no one is even GUESSING that it COULD be out in 2 weeks, or 2 months or even another year. You know im not saying "give me the exact release date"... but someone could show some progress... because nothing seems actually to happen (except of some endless bugfixing at the mainpage).... greetz, crack edit: for the "no one is even GUESSING"-thing: of course im talking of dev's not the anchorle
  13. well thats not quiet fair, dontcha think so ?^^ An implemention to the game of a unique-id would help... but better forget that, since there is a realase
  14. Which would be funny, too ;P But the thing is, if there is already a multiplayer implemented it would be A LOT easier to program a modification to enhance the existing/add new multiplyer-functions... i think thats obvious !
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