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  1. I don't understand...you want to be able to try to shoot a gun with no ammo for roleplay? or replace a bullet with another object?
  2. yeah still not what I'm looking for...in a nutshell this is what I mean function changeTheButtons() local query = (look for the players account name) if (query) then while true local find =(look back at the players account name and see if they have a character) if(find) then spawnCharacter() else createCharacter() end end freeResults.....ect. end I know it's not real code....but that's what I mean and what I need.
  3. That's just the basic structure of my db...the one used in the usersystem resource EDIT: I basically need a script that looks at one table getting the local players name then checking if it's in the database and if it is then it looks back into the database for a character...if the account has a character then it spawns it If not it sends the player to the character creation screen..so how could this be done what steps do I take? NOTE from 50p: Is it so hard to hit edit button?
  4. that's not the issue though... In my database I have it set up like this: mySQL database Roleplayer: Players: account - password - charName - ect.... now I have it set up so it looks at the account and retrieves the charName table to check if the account has a character. Am i doing it right or do I need a whole new code? That's my problem thanks in advance
  5. Is it possible to replace say skin ID 11 to be another CJ (like a white cj or Asian cj, ect.) so if a player selects skin ID 0 or skin ID 11 he has full customization of the character as far as hair, clothes, ect. And is it possible to add skin IDs?
  6. post your code your using because as of right now I have no clue where to begin it could be numerous things....
  7. should I be using this instead? table mysql_fetch_field ( MySQLResult result )
  8. yeah that was my problem...I needed to search for the account not the players name lol so simple....but now it doesn't spawn me which brings me back to my spawn script ^^ edit wait no never mind now if they register it says they have a character created without acually making one....an account and a character are different
  9. ohhhh I see the problem..."theUser" is the local player so it would give the account name so right now when my function is called it is giving the account name rather than the char name....if that makes sence I will try to fix it now and post my resaults
  10. anyone? sorry if i appear to be annoying but this is driving me crazy lol
  11. well to get you started.... http://wiki.mtasa.com/wiki/CreatePed read wiki it has most of your questions. Read up and study and practice and you'll get the hang of it.
  12. I know it, there's scripts there that numerous people request here on the forums.....
  13. okay im going to break it down... the client side function to call my serverside function function button() triggerServerEvent("changeTheButton", getRootElement(), getLocalPlayer()) end triggered by gui click current code playerState = 0 function changeTheButton(theUser) if( not connect_mysql ) then outputChatBox( no_connect_sql_message ) else local query = mysql_query( connect_mysql, "SELECT * FROM `players` WHERE charName='" .. getPlayerName( theUser ) .. "'" ) outputDebugString("Result: "..tostring(mysql_num_rows(query))) if mysql_num_rows(query)== 1 then playerState = 1 ---
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