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  1. lol dude i allready got those ? (my own scripts) i couldnt get those on the comu site to work so ive made my own but i allready got em so im just asking if anyone have an idea for a script ive could make
  2. hehe varez well i just want to know what would make the server more cool
  3. yes ? i didnt ask for scripts ? ive asked for ideas ? ima make the scripts myself ?
  4. Hey guys i didnt really knew where to post this so say if ive posted wrong anyways got any ideas for scripts ive could add for an zombie RP script features so far: Factions Gate's Radio RP zombies and hell of alot more
  5. ffs varez i know AddCommandHandler i were the outputchatbox i had problems with but anyways its fixed now
  6. 50p i did read but i didnt find anything allright or else i wouldnt ask here.. end of discution (lol spelled)
  7. hehe 50p i've just began learning to scripting so ive just needed some help hope you understand but i do use the wiki i just didnt knew how to use the outputchatbox so when players use /r they can write their own text i know how to make them use /r but then i dont know how to make them type whatever they want
  8. you see guys !? i am using wiki
  9. ive got it working mate Heres the code for public use ! function radioChat( player, cmd, ... ) local message = table.concat({...}," ") outputChatBox ("*RADIO: "..message, getRootElement(), 255, 75, 0) end addCommandHandler("r",radioChat)
  10. hm.. 50p got any idea ? just gonna search the wiki
  11. ohh 1 last question how can i give the radio text colour ?
  12. 50p i did use your link but i didnt get it to work since that were an "call" system based on teams and such so sorry if you got something wrong haha thx solid ohh and i tried the wiki but i didnt find anything but i tried and thats what counts isnt it ? im happy that your guys are here im learning the things im asking for btw no you shoulnt solid thx
  13. well ill just try to explain better i want people to write /r "there text" so it comes out in the chat box as RADIO:(text)
  14. ohh no wait cow i needed an script that will make you able to type anything by using /r im going to use in on my zombie rp server so you can contact the army using /r not only the army but so all people can se it
  15. thanks guys ! ill try yours therealcow first
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