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  1. err yeah i meant my longest grind ;D i wouldve been pretty long if i didnt get stuck and yeah..i just have to find a way to get Vice on my computer i would do way more stunts and make a video but there isnt a packer in LCS so going up the side was like the only way i could do it also! thanks for your guys comments, ill continue stunting
  2. well after watching the ATS clan and their videos...i really just had the urge to try and do what they do so i have GTA LCS for the PSP but i have this recording program and its just like GTA 3 so i thought i would post it here and i want to know if its good for a beginner http://rapidshare.de/files/11188124/longestgrind.mpg.html
  3. I was bored and made a search on multiplayer gta which i didnt really intend to find..but i did =)
  4. the stunt off the packer thingy was hella tight..the cow part was funny to lol!r
  5. i got it working...btw gun nut i saw ur server but the ppl in it were invincible and they were like bots
  6. its for mTA..yea i couldnt find any servers but now i got the dam aLL see EYe to work but now i cant get that file that has the connect , disconnect , nickname, and ip thingy on it..can you help me ?
  7. Ok i join in the server and nobody is in it. So i try the alt tab d/c and connect n come back thingy....doesnt work nothign happens i dont even disconnect! Is it because im joining a server IP with nobody in it? I do not know what to do...if its because of the IP im joining where can i find some becuase i want to play...Thx
  8. so i guess its not possible. o well i was jw.
  9. Is there a way to make other players have different skins on your screen. Not just the one you are using. Like if i were using a terminator skin, would it be possible to change the skin of the players you see so they dont have the terminator skin to. Like i am the terminator skin, the guy next to me is like a spiderman skin, and the guy shooting me is the hulk skin or whatever. If this is to confusing..ill try to rephrase it. Just tell me.
  10. For whoever that has the bendor skin can you post a pic of him in action? I wanna see him shooting something or someone.
  11. I know how to fly it. it may be harder on the comp. Ive never tried on the comp but on the playstation 2 i can do it. Uhh the only advice i can give u is to stay calm when ur flying or you will screw up.
  12. so the other weapons just dont show up? Thats the problem?
  13. What do you guys mean about how the guns dont work(besides uzi)? Do the bullets go through the people? Or they are glitched? What is the problem?
  14. I heard someone said they had the bendor model for GTa i was just curious to see it. Could somoene post it?
  15. lol bendor haha. Someone should try Homer or Peter (from family Guy)
  16. In ur first pic, those arent real ppl flying the choppers right? because theyde have the arrow on there head.
  17. Riot ur custom guy looks cool. Im jw , can u make a guy with baggy pants in that editor thingy?
  18. I just wanted to see more MTA pics because they look cool.
  19. To get the swat u get a regular police car and go through the police gates in staunton island. Its in the back. Another way is to steal it.
  20. Hey!! I'll join your group/clan/gang. Im getting a new comp in a week so ill join then i guess. Uhh can the leader PM me about all the clan stuff and website/clothing thingy. Ty bye
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