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  1. I think I will do both and I can not wait, if I ever get a chance to play. I have only played once since the beggining of the Alpha stage, shame on renegade X.
  2. About a year ago, I sent a patch to prevent modders from entering a server. I think I sent it to IJSVogel. It will work 100%. Perhaps the MTA team lost it. I hope not, for I must recode it if so. Some admin please respond.
  3. This is definately a USER error; however, if you must do it again ever. Go into BIOS from reboot, and change your boot-strap interup to 19H. You will be able to go in a kill whatever is hanging up, and then change your boot-strap back to what is was.
  4. I still have been waiting to hear what needs to be coded. That program that I found will make it a breeze. I tried to get the writer of that program to help out, but he said he is looking for a paying job. What a moron! Where have you guys been?
  5. Would you like some cheese with that wine? You silly git.
  6. Where have you been Yakuza????? Ready to code some missions.
  7. THATS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arti I am telling your mom.
  8. I must admit, I have been an outcast. I still have yet to reinstall MSN, but I will. BTW Red Leader, please reply to my e-mail, concerning the new model. X
  9. Yo Yakuzza, Ive not heard from you about the mission, please e-mail me. And here, check this link out : http://www.xensoft.net/software/gta3misdec.shtml
  10. If the server is running custom weapons and all clients have the same, then there should be no problems.
  11. It would be wise to get the other mods to merge as well, so they are not waisting their time. BTW. No one ever got with me on the specs for the DLL proxy setting. Anyone on the team know whats going on there? Or is my help still needed?
  12. Its good to be a parent. That way I make the rules, no wait! My wife makes the rules.
  13. Since I do not have your e-mail, why dont you mail me?
  14. renegade-x@attbi.com Give me specifics please, and I will comply.
  15. Hey man, where did you find that link? Very nice. One of those utilities I have been trying to upgrade forever. Thank you very much. IJSVogel: If you e-mail me your specs of what you need, I may already have what you are looking for. I tried to place voice chat in Red Faction, but it failed. What I have written may work with GTA3. Since GTA3 uses low polynon characters, it may work. The problem that I was having is the characters would respond horribly when people chatted. Oh well, you will see.
  16. Feel free to lock it Mr. Bill. Mr. Me answered it instantaniously. Besides, it seems as though I am the only member of this forum that deals with graphics. I am all alone. sob sob
  17. Unless MTA team has something screwy in the netcodes, all of your mods will be shared by all clients if you are serveing. But (same scenario) if you are the client, your data will be incompatable, and if it is not, I told IJSVogel that I would write a patch to keep incompatible data out.
  18. Look further down in the forum. You will see this section.
  19. Aye Carramba! This looks like a job for B.L.A.S.T. LOL Q. Who is me?
  20. Okay Vogel. Give me what you got. I will let you know how much time that I have to work on it. renegade-x@attbi.com
  21. Team NL. Bandwidth is not the issue with voice. The problem is that the voice disupts frame rates (process bog downs), that is why I wanted Blokker to tell me how it is gonna be done. Ive coded voice before with nothing but frame rate probs.
  22. DEATHMATCH..DEATHMATCH...Down with clans and gangs. Exhibit your skills in deathmatch.
  23. He is him. And I is me. LOL What is that supposed to me?
  24. Not to worry. MTA has only reached its beginning. When the time comes for the custom stuff, I will have us hooked up. I.E. A sniper rifle with full screen scope and my infamous BATTLE FOR BEGHDAD map with a controllable and shootable M1 Tank and Hummer. Right now I am currently working on a bad cop for the REDSPIKE TEAM.
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