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  1. Lshag

    What the hell?

    OK, when I go to install GTA:SA race, I complete the setup up racer, and then I attempt to run it, and I get a message that says: "Only GTA:SA race 1.0 is supported!", or something like that. What the hell does that mean!? Can someone please help out here, I'm getting pretty impatient with this thing.
  2. What do i download off of the downloads section of this site to get GTA:SA MTA? Windows 32 Client or Windows 32 Server or both?
  3. Well, shit, that guy's pretty damn old already, so that's pretty damn soon!
  4. Lshag

    MTA:SA is only racing?

    yea, but DM would be awlot more fun, when do ya think the Deathmatch aspect will pop up?
  5. So the MTA mod for San Andreas is only for racing, no deathmatch or team deathmatch? If so, screwwwwwwwww that.
  6. Lshag

    New To MTA

    where is the MTA installer? Can someone please help me with this, I'm not good at computery mumbo-jumbo.
  7. Lshag

    New To MTA

    OK thank you very much.
  8. Lshag

    New To MTA

    Is there a guide on how to operate it? do you need anything special?
  9. Lshag

    New To MTA

    For someone who has never done any modding, for ANY game, and is considering buying GTA:SA for the PC to use MTA, would tackling this mod be difficult? Also, is there always people online? is there mics? Thank you.
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