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  1. well you suck dick then it will nvr come out by the way so i bid u fags on the mtasa site a doo bye bye assholes im sick of u bastartds go sa-mp!!! BAN ME I USE NEW IP AND NEW CONNECTION MUHAHAHA
  2. yooo i kno you i was in ya server! i dont play mta though i play sa-mp cuz it has dm but mta dm in my opionion only will pwn sa-mp by like 214253463 pwnage stars lol
  3. hope u guys get done in like 1 more week i really wanna play it
  4. Prentiss414


    it will? YIPPIEEEE ummm when will it come out will it come out before september 5? plz say yes lol it seems like it would come out tomorrow many times hehe
  5. lol hmm heres a thought of when it might come out its the year 3000 and were all robots in the future!!! folowing me? and then they say that made the first release!!!! then u go back and think its out? and play play play lol anyways im kidding i hope it gets done no comment on the sa-mp thing sa-mp is only a beta of a multiplayer project heh
  6. Prentiss414


    i dont think mta sa dm is nvr gonna come out in my opionion not trying to start anything but ppl waiting if ya want dm then play sa-mp but sa-mp sux compsred to what the mta team can do so i just hope they release before christmas or september cuz in september my work all day jobs begin so plz release some crap demo or something!
  7. anyone play sa-mp? it has deathmatch i usually play vc-mp but thnx
  8. i found a 120 mb one for 80 bux for dell i installed it and it runs like it was on a xbox 360 in any area i go thnx but one more thing.....what i do wit the old one? the technichian gave it to me...
  9. nice i like it yea that would be great but drive by onlines are cheap though >
  10. exactly i dont care when it comes out but if and when it does i guess ill give it a go if i have san andreas still lol i might redownload vice city cuz it runs smoother
  11. thx stupid dell and no gta sa i found how to make it run smoother a little by turnin down those settings it still get choppys at worst time o well im getting a video card installed next friday do u know how to get one for free? or somethin?
  12. oh ya i ripped to game to make it work in my disc drive cuz my computer doesnt have a dvd rom drive it runs smooth online too its just when i get by alot of buildings or something
  13. this is my commp specs i know it is sloppy but plz tell me i got game installed so i got enough space but it gets laggy sometimes and after 5 hours of play it crashes sometimes in singleplayer Minimum: Pentium III or Athlon equivalent You Have: Intel® Celeron® CPU 3.06GHz FYI: Please review the CPU Speed analysis on the row below to see if you passed. The CPU & CPU Speed are linked as a requirement. CPU Speed Minimum: 1 Ghz You Have: 3.07 GHz PASS System RAM Minimum: 256 MB You Have: 478.0 MB PASS Operating System Minimum: Windows 2000/XP only You Have: Micros
  14. eh i dont care when wen it comes out IF IT DOES i got other things to finish like college and my girl friend lol i just check everyday just to see if they got it but by the time they done gta 4 will be out huh lol i hope they AT LEAST finish i wouldnt mind playin it from wat i saw in like the 8534th trailer but i guess you cant rush these things so yea im just going to keep waiting but im really waiting for gta 4 cause that will have multiplayer and maybe if there is a dm or somethin on there i will DM i got a ps3 and 360 so bah i dunno which one to get it for i think i will get both versions
  15. man by the time they release it GTA 6 will be out for like the xbox 3000 or somethin lol........nah im jokin i dunno when it will come out i hope so cuz sa-mp is boring and this one looks cool cuz the synced a lot of stuff i hope it will come out and i heard you have to play $5.65 dollars to just play it is that true? cuz if it is then bull crap mta should be shammed if u gotta pay just to play that COME ON oh ya this my first post
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