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  1. Theres a FPS bug. Both MTA Race and MTA DM. (But in GTASA and SA:MP it doesnt exist) By means of Fraps i had observed ingame FPS. In SA:MP and GTA FPS is very stable and constantly = 25. But in MTA Race and DM FPS is quite unstable. And it strongly depend on number of players on ur screen. So, on littlewhitey i have ~15 FPS at the race starts). Sometimes i have little freezes. The freezes DIDNT depend on a screen resolution or graphics settings. Maybe someone esle have this bug, and how can i solve it? (Videocard - X1650; Catalyst 7.2)
  2. Thx for DP 2. Nice sync. Check this one: When i respawned - spectator panel didnt disappear... And This one: Mass spawn of cars. There was 3 or 4 players on the server.(Official race srv2) And one more bug: When i get vehicle change in CP from BF injection to Vortex at Bay area circuit map the latter is stoped (or freezed) for app 1 sec...
  3. maybe it is a server feature? webstats enbled/disabled?))
  4. We r joined same time... and that wasnt our 1st race at server Ssems like i see black screen (Waiting for 1 more player) some longer and i didnt see count sometimes. Simply spawned when some players are drive at 2 or 3 CP =DD
  5. Check this one: 1. Why i had time 0.27.23, my opponent has 0.29.40 and he won? What means [EFO]Silence +-1 -3 -16 in race table... 2. Check font size)
  6. Another bug: When i get vehicle change in CP - i (!!!) spawned at the race start in new vehicle... There was only twice on 'Bay area circuit" but it take place... Map restarts and bug didnt appear again.
  7. The same opinion... Seems like synchronization of vehicles simply copied from synhronization of men. Coz there is a bug with "drifting vehicle" - for men theres no matter its angle - it turns smooth and synchronized. In contrast with cars/bikes etc... EDIT PS Change font size in race results table... (letters are overlayed)
  8. Some bugs i have found: - When i got a vehicle change CP and died - i respawned on old vehicle and there wasnt vehcle changing CP. - What means "Waiting 2 or 1 more players" before the race starts? And why when ive spawned some playes drive race yet. Another words i dont see a count. - My opponent can drive through me oO
  9. 100FPS? What system do u have?)) Exmaple: Map Find The Cock FPS=25 (MTA SA Race) Time= ~2.40 Map Find The Cock FPS=47 (MTA SA DM) Time= ~2.35 Some players doesnt have powerful PC and they get +5 secs
  10. hmm...a bit 'glitchy'... i dont like when all of my opponents cars slides instead of make a curve... baaaaad coz now players, who own very perfomance computers gain extraspeed.... hahahahha of course i do =DDD maybe some lag( hmmm i saw at official screenies chatbox and script commands there (like !commands and !stats etc) i mean looked better... now icons for me are colorless (ATI X1650 - Catalyst 7.12) np for me coz now i should chhose what MP will be on league in new season...
  11. Hi all. I have few questions/suggestions about MTADM's racemod: - Whats with spectator mode and mainly race mode? In MTA Race it was much more synchronized... - Does frame limiter permanently off? Can u turn it on for race mod? - Why i cant put my choise in voting by numpad? (it works for me only with upper digits at keyboard) - What about race stats? I mean both server stats (like Scooby's PRS) and website stats (Like MTADM Official servers with DM) - Old pickup icons better IMHO - About MTA Race maps: Does it works with MTA DM? I like new interface and ingame navigation, also nice sk
  12. Hi all here! Hope u remember me) For a long time there wasnt tourneys and now its time to make some new! "MRL:Colin McRae Memorial" in honour of great rallye driver. Will be ib Oct 27th. All info at our new website: http://www.mta-league.com Sign up link: http://mta-league.com/index.php?option= ... 148#msg148
  13. Video from last tourney had been released. --- Download http://rapidshare.com/files/56431242/MR ... r.rar.html http://files.filefront.com/MRL+F1+Trail ... einfo.html --- Opinions HERE)) i wanna know what do u think about it)
  14. Lol i saw in some archives pages form MTA EU League) No, our tourneys for players (maybe without clans, but a lot of players join both league and clans). But, there is a team tournaments, like team racing, teamwork maps and more... We play in MTA:SA Race. 50/50 - race and DD tourneys. Yes, i create this league, and im russian) Comrades? Do u know players from russia? EDIT: Lol u are russian too =D i didnt know that in FMJ play russian) Are u play MTA-SA?
  15. link for sign up http://mta-league.com/index.php?option= ... topic=25.0
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