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  1. I wasn't around for the VC mod, lots of moving and settling around that period I guess. I was only here for the releases of GTA3, back when the lag was in FULL effect and the crashing was an understandable nuisance. Wow, that brings a nostalgic tear to the eye. When a fellow player and I started (R.M.O). Why are posts such as these popping up? To signify the demise of the community?
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    Is obviously a scripting language... My question is, why is it better?
  3. This guy makes a valid point, and defends it with out so much as a period or paragraph. I am joking of course, but jesus, dude. Throw a breath of air in their once in a while. The developers and beta tester defend their position with stern reserve... But guess what? The have the fucking game. So stick a sock in it.
  4. Can I try? October 15, 2007 - nine o'clock A.M. ... fourteen minutes and thirty seconds and thirty third of a millisecond into the hour. Baaallin. And Yes.
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    How about...

    btw, the log is pimp.
  6. Dramacyde

    Also, are there?

    Oh... Well is there any still lingering?
  7. Besides the fact of all the implements running in one application rather then in background apps slowing down performance? Chode?
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    Also, are there?

    Hahaha! Dude, I saw a post of yours on another site, that said you were working on an RPG, and when I clicked on it it said so and so RPG is dead! And that's it, but also! how hard I got to poke you so I can see some pics of the RPG mofo?
  9. I agree, and Lshag jax said DM was 95% done, that could mean weeks or months... lets hope.
  10. Ouch, and yeah they are working on DM Shag, but you have to admit, MTA race is a lot better looking than the competitors, plus... Die.
  11. Dramacyde

    How about...

    Obviously I have not made myself clear enough yet again, let me speak in cave man... "Ooooug, ahh... Ughhhg.... Ah! Aaaah! Hunga tunga bonga junga. O ah onga betunga? Gah! Uggh ugggh ah!" Jesus, I was saying you guys DO A BETTER JOB than SA:MP, and I compare the two because they are BOTH multiplayer san andreas mods. And if you even read my post you would know that I mentioned the old progress bar, that's why I suggested bringing it back, and when it was up it didn't go 65 - 75... It was kept track of hardcore i'd come back every other day or so and it would be like 75... 76... 78. And I w
  12. Dramacyde

    How about...

    Lol! sure... Let me make this REAAAAALLLY clear. SA:MP, drive around corner, everything looks great. Come back a minute later, everything is level, so you ram into shit because it has dissappeared. MTA... Just not fucking happening.
  13. I lost my anger after the first reply, sorry about snappin' like that.
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