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  1. Jeez.. First I see 1.1 being released, lose my internet for a while and now that I'm back in action and downloading MTA again it's 1.3.. This is what I call fast development! Great job everyone!
  2. Fixed I changed the file name to EFCmaps and now it works. Thanks for the help anyway
  3. *BUMP* still looking for something interesting to do..
  4. /slaps his own head off course i didn't lol.. Maybe that's gonna help a bit.. EDIT: i did it, added the line to meta but doesn't work yet. I guess there is something wrong with the meta.. it gives error: ERROR DOWNLOADING REQUESTED FILES. HTTP response code said error here is my meta if someone notices whats wrong with it. <meta> <info type="map" author="Burger Man, Cannonball, Tomdrum11, Jockie, Davyy" description="All EFC maps in one file" version="1.0.0" /> <map src="ALL EFC Maps.map" dimension="0" /> <config src="help.xml" type="client"/> <
  5. Burger_Man

    Help file

    Hey peoplez! most of people know the F9 help thing and some know how to add stuff there. But I have a problem, i create help.xml which looks like this: *lot's of text here* but it doesn't work. I'm trying to add it in a map resource file to tell about race track.. can that be a problem? is it only for scripts Thanks for help if I get any -- Burger
  6. C'mon.. this is going to help more than a bunch of guys who wanna start hosting server and can't script their own resources. Also, it's RARE to see someone like you in internet giving his work away for free. I really appreciate that.
  7. Well the title says it all i guess but i'd like to go into details abit. MTA:SA is in pretty good shape, it has servers, hundreds of players, map editor and stuff. It almost could be sold as a "(un)official" internet modification. So, would the guys who work on the MTA:SA waste some of their time to MTA:VC too? i don't know but i'll ask anyway: wouldn't some MTA:SA scripts and stuff like the main menu work with MTA:VC too with little editing? it would also make Vice City much more popular if the listening thing could be fixed and people wouldn't have to check IP's from game monitor. I know
  8. When you press host game button in your MTA main menu it gives you a GUI where you can type in your server's name etc. In the right or left corner is a little box with text RESOURCES or something Press it, and in the rights side is a list of all your resources you can use, and in the left is list of all your server's resources. Find your map in right list and click it then click << button in the middle and it adds your map into your server's resources, then just press host game I just typed the same thing into other topic where this same thing was asked.. jesus...
  9. In the MTA main menu is Host Server button, press it and it gives you a box where you can type in Server's name and stuff. In the Right corner is some choose resources - button or something like that i think press that, and it gives you list of resources you have. then in the right, find the resources (script and map) click the resource and click left arrow in the middle of the GUI box it looks like << do that same with all your resources you want there then press host game and it sets up a server where you can test your map and scripts. Hope that helps --- Burger
  10. oops again bit too fast reading i didn't notice race there lol Well that shouldn't be a problem either.. you want some area that already exists customized or you know, whole new stuff built on the sea? PS. I actually made regular DM map test too if anyone is interested
  11. Burger_Man


    LoL i meant that i think you're no0b because your childish clan/server changing between EFC and DKR Nice that Azeroth has something to do seems that whatever he does can be counted as hostile action over everybody
  12. Burger_Man


    Azeroth, as Cannonball said NOBODY wants you in his server, you've told us 3 or 4 times that you've stopped hacking. EVERY time you've fucked up our server again. We have back ups so your pathetic logins with Tomdrums account and removing files don't really matter, it's fucking annoying but you're not the master hacker if you can't do anything else but crash our server randomly. I tried to be nice and suggested allowing drifting handings in our server so you can use your perfect handling stuff. I don't know whats your perfect, i've see just laggy infernuses, crappy cars that have speed mod an
  13. I haven't tried but i think i still have 1.0 setup somewhere so i'll maybe downgrade and see if it helps.
  14. EFC - Extended Freeroam Clan's server, it's a freeroam server but we have gamemodes like SoD (zombie slaughtering), Hay, RC battle, pirate wars (not ready yet but coming) and BMX challenge. We also have pretty much map edits and different stunt tracks. And, bring your friends with you there, we need moar players
  15. DM map = some area that is surrounded by fences/walls and has random stuff in it? Shouldn't be a problem
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