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  1. Nice way to bounce around my question. Now lets try instead of telling me "things seem to pop up frequently", tell me what at least one of these things are. I dont care if it has just been fixed, or if its still a bug, or whatever, these things cant be a state secret. Its not like anyone is going to steal your bug. And I've never asked for any information about how to fix it, in case youre worried the guys at SAMP may steal it. (They make things happen.. actually..) So, lets see it, whats one of these new things that seem to "pop up frequently"? Its a simple question, and I dont think it
  2. I can guarentee you this project is neither dead or old and defeated, it's probably the most active project on the GTA scene, we have people working around the clock, spending most of their free time aiming towards a release. Some of the developers have dedicated SO much time and effort to this you wouldn't believe.. You need to learn some manners and give respect where it's due. To you this is just another game to play, theres lots of them out there, take a second and imagine how much we want the public to enjoy this. I believe the people behind SAMP wants people to enjoy it about a coup
  3. I've told them to make progress log. I dont remember what exactly the answer were, and I dont bother checking right now (maybe later). But as I recall, "the pictures are enough proof things are happening". "there will be a release soon" "stfu and stop whining" You know, I'm not an idiot. I know I'm whining, but when you take honor/glory for making something, you need to pay for that honor/glory, by making results. Practically, by saying "we, the (glorious) MTA Team, are making a MTA for SA, in type of DM", you've basically made promises to the community, and whining is to be expected whe
  4. Well the comments you make aren't taken lightly. If you wanted them to start showing results, and start being more specific about their progress, bug fixing, and updates, then why didn't you just say so? Oh I have, do I need to find the quote?
  5. Jezez. As I said in another topic..: Nobody expects a bug-free verision. And I'm totally sure, that if you've spent all this time fixing bugs instead of adding features useless to the actual gameplay, you would probably have debugged every windows OS on the market by now. A few short sentances: SAMP is out. It may crash every 2 minutes here. It was probably alot worse when it came out in the beginning, I would'nt know. SAMP is fun. Get the drill? Now tell me SA:MTA:DM isnt stable enough to last 2 minutes of gameplay. I'd play it if it was, and I believe most others who has'nt comple
  6. I've played SAMP a bit, and you know, the game crashes lots of times, and even the serverclient does not like when I try to costumize the size of the colums in the server list, and automatically goes to minimum size so I cant read anything but the very start of what it says. I might play for 2 minutes, and it crashes. But to me, its still a game, and I actually apricciate the guys behind SAMP more then the people behind SA:MTA:DM, cuz they actually released something, knowing it wasnt perfect, and has updated it ever since, using the community to report bugs to them. To say that it does'nt
  7. You should try putting yourself in the shoes of the community. You choose the easy way out by putting up a picture of some idiot running around with rockets around, so you wont have to explain that youre actually not doing anything useful (Yet again, prove me wrong). You ask me why I complain about the pictures. Isnt that obvius? If you call one picture pr. day news, then youre very lazy on the news section. You assume I'd whine on and on about "no release" even if I have news (wich I dont, by the way, a picture dont fall in the same category as "news" to me), but this assumption makes you
  8. I'm saying you're defending the people who told the community last summer "we're preparing for a beta release, just have to brush away the major bugs" The Beta Team is all talk and no action, and we all know it. Prove me wrong. Theres always talk about an "upcoming release" to string along the community in a false hope of there actually being a release. Yet again, prove me wrong. EDIT: And their total lack of being able to come up with some relevant and frequent news, just supports what I write here. I've stated several times, in several topics, that it shouldnt be so hard to write a 200
  9. Impervium


    I totally agree. There is a huge lack of news!
  10. You're an arrogant, self-righteous, analphabetic idiot. OOO! Now I'm scared. EDIT: So if I were analphabetic, that would, in your eyes, make me less of a person? How discriminating can you get? Whenever the "BETA Team" posts a reply stating "ooo, we're so busy, la-di-da!", I think you're full of s-h-i-t! (And I reserve my freedom of speech to say so). Suuure, features is on hold, and you sure make it seem like it, posting pictures (ref. picture of the day), of a guy running around in what you seem to call a rocket war or something. I cant remember that being standard in GTA:SA. Ok, lets
  11. Learn proper english, and stop sucking up to the "developers". You know, you saying "its made by the tester", sounds to me like just another excuse, and you, nor anybody else, seem to be able to get that into your head (besides the people who's also sick of waiting for something that will never come). I'd want to see results and not more excuses. For all those who sucks up to the developers, stop trying to argue against me until someone can tell me straight why this isnt out yet, and features keeps getting added. And I wont be told a dumb excuse. Of course, now I will have countless repli
  12. If you read the start of the topic, where I clearly state, I have taken alot of "staying away for a few months", and nothing has been happening. Only a MTA:SA:Race mod, that practically raped everything GTA is famous for. The freedom to do what you want, when you want, where you want. Making it into a bad cargame ruined GTA as I know it. And I remember last spring, they had alot of heat, since alot of users in the community was irritated over the long waiting, and the community asked "it does not need to be perfect for it to be released!" And the team answered "its ready soon, we only ne
  13. I'd love to see something more then "planning an upcoming release". You've been saying that since the end of last summer, when you only had to "brush away the major bugs for a beta release". Prove me wrong. You're all talk, and no action.
  14. Well, I'm going to put an answer to the answer, from a fan's view, since some may have lost perspective once they became member of the MTA team.. I said "may". Thats easy for you to say, you're already playing it. I dont think this community want more pictures after all this time, I dont want pictures, I want to see that the MTA Team actually can make something happen with San Andreas, besides the MTA:Race, that ruined the whole GTA feeling of being able to do what you want, that GTA was built on, and made GTA popular. I'm not saying there should be a release TOMORROW, but this team has
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