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  1. So can i ask what will be the biggest changes in this new version?
  2. Don't even download codec packs. they'r POS. You really need just divx 3.1, divx 5 and ffdshow with xvid in it to play all your official "stuff". All videos with codecs from nigeria should be ignored.
  3. I like tilt.tv only just because there's a nice chick reading the papers I doubt she really knows anything about computers or games pic http://www.tilt.tv/index.php?path=7/1
  4. Ale


    No wonder those public servers are always so messed up.
  5. First you need to bring two packers and stack them together like that and then take speed somewhere around here and finally use a pcj or a fast car to jump over the water to the other ship. Here's vid how you do it succesfully http://koti.mbnet.fi/dredge/packership.avi Thanks for Dredge and SM_McCoy Ps. I wonder if any of you have ever tried that kind of stunt before?
  6. {VCP}Talidan has joined the game. {VCP}Talidan has left the game.
  7. There's duel mode too but it's not widely available yet. You can try the duel mode in our server that's running all the time. It's still in development but it works good. If you dont get any reply then come to see us in our channel. Look at the sig.
  8. They'r more like suggestions. Not orders for them
  9. Ale

    MTAMA Scripting

    You can come to our server if you want to check out the duel script. It's really not finished yet but it does work quite good. Server is in the sig
  10. There should be also a command to show the motd because it always disappears so quickly and nobody really wants to start the game again to see it.
  11. I'd really like to see somekind of stunt park in the map where there would be like half pipes and stuff
  12. Well don't play in public servers. I used to play on SMs server. They worked good while there was SM ppl around. Right now im just waiting for 0.3 to come
  13. I wish Christmas was everyday so we would get more updates
  14. Is he sucking his own .... ?
  15. Ever heard that AOL sucks?
  16. There's really no fair street races without waypoints. You can easily take a shortcut there. Actually there should be one guy in ESC MAP mode to check that nobody makes a shortcut there.
  17. Use http://www.uploadit.org very good for those pics
  18. Well there's gangs in japan too like Yakuza. But think of a GTA in your home country. What would it be?
  19. fixed url http://vcsl.serveftp.com/djgta/UpInHere.zip
  20. Maybe they are too proud of themselves that they don't bother with this
  21. Now i don't really see that possible without tweaking
  22. There's nothing special about this pic. Everybody gets that with stunt mode. Stop being impressed with this shit.
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