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  1. what does 136 mean? what is carHealth?
  2. eh. it shouldn't, because camera matrix applied only to the source of onPlayerJoin event.
  3. carHealth = ( math.max(getElementHealth(vehicle) - 250, 0) ) / 7.5 * 1.6
  4. -- Value = positionX, positionY, positionZ, lookAtX, lookAtY, lookAtZ local cameraPos = { { 1525.5999755859, 2833.5, 36.299999237061, 1524.8000488281, 2833.3999023438 , 35.299999237061 }, { 1464.4000244141, 2840.8999023438, 82.400001525879, 1453.5999755859, 2833.6999511719, 74.400001525879 }, { 1469.5, 2815.3000488281, 44.799999237061, 1470.0999755859, 2822.8000488281, 44.799999237061 }, --{ x, y, z, lookAtX, lookAtY, lookAtZ }, } local currentCamera = 0 function setCameraPos() fadeCamera(source, true, 5) setCameraMatrix( source, unpack(cameraPos[currentCamera + 1]) ) end
  5. Aibo

    Some skins

    I can't download it please send a link , thanks since 1.3 it is included with MTA
  6. Aibo

    Some skins

    the domain wasn't registered by me and has expired two days ago, so i have to poke that guy to prolong it. it'll be up in a few days, i guess. PS: actually it is up, but DNS servers seem to not like it, sometimes it opens, sometimes not, at least for me.
  7. Aibo

    Another help please

    local n = tonumber(string.format("%.2f", 9/7)) -- n == 1.29 PS: if you dont need it as a number for further calculations (like if you're just going to display it somewhere), you can drop tonumber(). but keep in mind that it will add zeros to integers (like 9/9 will result in 1.00 without tonumber)
  8. you have an extra end at line 14. or 15. or 16. hard to tell without proper indentation
  9. takePlayerMoney (and the whole money system) operates with integers, not floats. so you probably should round that float to an integer at some point.
  10. probably your guiGetText dont contain any numbers, so tonumber() returns nil debug it, check the data you get from your gui elements since your conditions are logically wrong (should be AND, not OR), you're always passing even empty strings to tonumber(). example (not lua): if A is not 1 OR A is not 2 — result will always be true when A IS 2, the first condition is true (because 2 is not 1) when A IS 1, the second condition is true (because 1 is not 2) and they are both true with any other A value so you should either use AND: if (a ~= "") and (a ~= "0") then -- do stuff with your data end or change the condition and the code executed if its true: if (a == "") or (a == "0") then -- do stuff when NO VALID DATA (i.e. "a" doesnt contain numbers or is "0") is present else -- do stuff with your data end
  11. no, you put mainWindow as parent in the last argument of guiCreateStaticImage: mainWindow = guiCreateWindow(screenWidth/2-mainWidth/2,screenHeight/2-mainHeight/2,mainWidth,mainHeight,"Login panel",false) myImage = guiCreateStaticImage(x, y, imageWidth, imageHeight, "path/to/image.png", false, mainWindow)
  12. you can also try to check if the length of the returned string is > 0 using guiGetText(descriptionMemo):len() or utfLen(guiGetText(descriptionMemo))
  13. where's descriptionMemo defined?
  14. xmlNodeGetAttribute returns a string and you're comparing it with a number.