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  1. Hey, Ive installed mtasa server on my Kubuntu (linux). Now the prob is ive followde all the wiki guides but i cant realy seem to fix the Xerces-C problem. It keeps telling the error from the xerces-c but i have 2.0.8 or something do i need 2.0.7 instead? If someone now plz help i need my mta server! Greatz.. DJFrankie
  2. Sorry Were blowing The PMS Script Off its to Much work for Us
  3. Hello. My server whas running perfectly on windows xp but sins i have Windows Server 2003 it doesnt show up in the server list. I Tryet to get in the fire wall but it says something else is using the security or something can someone help me?
  4. mine MTA Servers are hosted on my own Servers. This servers are runned by an router. So you have to open this ports in firewall and router 22003 44003 22126 And check if you have 2 firewalls if the server does not came up in the server browser look if you have an second firewall installed put that off see if it works or shut them both of and look what it does
  5. oke this is the problem i have my own IRC server and MTA Server: MTA: IRC: Now i want to link the IRC to the MTA:SA server but i dont now how. Can someone give me an quid or tell me how to do it im totaly lost
  6. I Cant Edit My First post Dont now Why So Here It Is: MTA:SA 40 BETA Server Released! MTa:SA 40 Map: Island BETA.map Released! For Downloads And more Info Look on: http://www.mtasa40.nl.tp
  7. EULA what is that? Srry but is this ellegal where not chaning the server software were only makin an map voor 40 players and set the max players on the server on 40 just works if it is plz say so i can stop the project
  8. Hi Me DJFrankie And My Frend Ruby159 Are makin an MTA:SA Server what can hold 40 players. Normaly there can only go up to 32 players stands in the config but we have mannged to get it to 40 players. and now we are building the map. Its gonne be an full sice GTA:SA map only changed for DM and with 40 spawns we are makin the map in map editor and makin the spawns by hand so we have 40 spawns. For Any comments or questions plz post on: http://www.mtasa40.nl.tp On This site Also will be the updates about the servers. When we are done with testing and building we will release the server and w
  9. Hi there Me And My Frend Are Working On An New Script named: PMS This is what we have made so far: User commands: -Votekick -VoteMap -Cash Script (Not Done Yet Working On It) -Buy Script (Same As Above) Items: Name Register (Go's With IP)/User level's (no admin commands) -Bet Script (Same As Above) Admin Commands: Kick/Ban/mute/Freeze and all the un's Things: -Pingkick -forbidden Nick Levels: Admin levels are rcon user Levels: 1: Rookie dude 2: Nice Driver 3: Owner here! 4: Sunday Driver (Speed it up man) 5: Sppr Driver 6: Of Road owner 7: High Dude 8: Accistent Godfathe
  10. Well The script Sound Cool to Me When its Out Im gonne test It If I can Use it Or put my own commands and stuff in will see
  11. Hi I am new here and i wanna ask if someone can help me with my server Okay this is the problem: I have 2 routers why?: I have it like this: Router 1 > GamePc And Router 2 router 2 > server pc Lan card 1 And server pc lan card 2 So i need to open the following ports: 22003 22126 44003 And This port For my webhosting: 80 I do it like this: In router 1 i open: 22003/22126/44003/80 to thats the Ip that go's to the second router In Router 2 i open: 22003/22126/44003/80 to: and that are the ip's to Lan card 1 and Lan card 2 And T
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