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  1. http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... en_in-game
  2. makeing new maps is like a big good game mode many people like it and if there is only 1 map on each server evrybody need to make a own server i guess evrybody want to make a map and play it on a server its just fun evrybody make a server with his own map so on evry server is 1 player?^^
  3. again this **** im to lazy to do screens why u guys ever want screens or stuff? u will see what is in when u download it
  4. Metz_ger

    more Mg maps

    Some more maps... or [no rs] is ok) hf with that Metz-ger
  5. i should make to every map a screen shot? ^^ sorry for that im much to lazy
  6. HI! here are some of my "new generation" maps and the first map from [Y]Bender ( SunnyHill ) [attachment=0]Maps.rar[/attachment] the ideas from Mg-Jump.And.Run is a bit stolen from Phrozenbytes roller coaster maps the (i call it "no gravity") is my idea combinated with the roller coaster idea ( the part were u drive up the fences ) but its ok because i hate the pb... hf with the maps mfg Pb hateing Metz
  7. i already said that i can call it my trick because i found the trick out myself i know housemd from the past we played together on betafield dd and he ever seen the trick when i made it and now be quiet its my trick
  8. i can call it my trick because i fond it out i dont looked the trick from somebody other (housemd looked the trick from me he was on betafield when i used the trick)
  9. Ur "Bond Flip" is my trick u stole it from me i was the first who used this trick in the time were only betafield got wankenstein
  10. i didnt look on the map but many people got ur problem just try to delte some objekts u cant load so many objekts at same time to prevent this just build in next maps some longer roads so that u dont need to load objekts at same time
  11. Hi! there are some of my maps [attachment=0]Mg maps.rar[/attachment] some are good some not or they are just stupid the ideas of the maps are from me (wankenstein idea not^^) i never stole ideas from other mappers the game mode "stay in middle" ( i dont got good name ) is made by me the first map with this game mode is Mg-Berg maps are very old now but maybe u can use them Metz-ger
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