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  1. why would we nothing usefull there or good to read there
  2. we just want to race is that so hard to understand for them?
  3. patience for what? we want race and there is already a some kind of DM whic they are so called 'hard busy' on it (SA MP)(just type in google) so please put that dm aside just for a lil while and help fixing this for us so you wil get rid of this complain! PLZ!
  4. i totally agree with you!! you just spoke the words out of my mouth!!
  5. that doesnt make anygoddamn sense why make it work? so that other ppl can play it aswelll doh!!! and i dont have xp anymore and im not gonna install it
  6. Look assholl ! ! you can atleast try to help so that vista users dont have to come up here!!
  7. the makers of mta or to damn lazy to make it Compatible for vista
  8. i think MTA should come with a patch for vista users
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