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  1. i stop my server and i give my server DD map. http://utenti.lycos.it/pincopallino/ Instruction for download map: http://utenti.lycos.it/pincopallino/imm/1%23.gif http://utenti.lycos.it/pincopallino/imm/2%23.gif http://utenti.lycos.it/pincopallino/imm/3%23.gif
  2. all my map have got respawn offf!are a really DD
  3. new map to add!!!this map is very cool if played with more player!!!!now is add to pinco-pallino DD pack [4°] "Surrazy DD"this is cool map!!!!DOWNLOAD: http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=6471
  4. all info is in link i give!!!!!!!you click in a link and there how swap points and a short descrition!try!
  5. Sanzor your map are more cool!but you best map is high DD!!!!!!!!!fantastic!!!!!!!!
  6. All map of pinco-pallino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!And rate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by pinco-palllino [1°]"Pinconstein revolution DD vs all DD"this is more famous of my maps!!!!DOWNLOAD: http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=6399 [2°]"Surfoier DD"this is my more work of map!in this map i work more more time!!!!!!DOWNLOAD: http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=6461 [3°]"Stuntman DD"this is my first map!!!!!DOWNLOAD: http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=6466 --------------------------------------------new map public release from next days!!!!!wait it---------------------------
  7. sorry i see only now a topic with this but post a script with command!
  8. please who can make this script if is possible?script only for admin level 10 (for GUS) and 5 (for PRS).you write !kill and player drowned!possible?is a good script if is possiblto make because when player stuck admin can kill!and for cheater other ban and kick can kill!good?but i not say if possible make!i'm not a scripter and i can't know!if possible make and post in this topic!
  9. hey why you have got mate?where you download or who give you?
  10. but you can go on mta map center and search map!and for have map search on this showroom!there are more download of map good and more map pack!
  11. mhhhhhh!wankenstein is a good good map but Carbon either good and (no post download) Cano DD the original map are really good!(i have got but i can't send)
  12. my new map!hard to make!if is good rate it in a MTA map center! DOWNLOAD: http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=6461
  13. i found more good map!!!!!i'm good;i put a download! 1°Wankenstein DD http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=4265 2°Carbon DD http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=6042 3°Cano 2 http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=6412 4°Striko DD http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=4180 HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. lol!iknow!my english is very very BAD!!!!!!!but i'm happy to give my map at all!
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