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  1. well from my humble point of view, the city feels deserted and dead, all it would take is 20-30 synced Pedestrians and 10-20 synced cars that respawn when killed. It would make the city feel just that little bit more *ALIVE* NOW I KNOW its not possible YET but maybe this new netcode had been optimised and maybe will let the developers squeeze these few AI's in to the network game it wont take many AI's to improve the overall liveliness of the city
  2. erm im sorry u missed the point.. i love the classes and their choice of weaponry although the mexicans have it all on their plate when they start and the sailors health regeneration thing is a bit prone to abuse, and i think MTA should continue as they are but i was trying to come up with a simpler method of choosing whether u want to :- A. Start a new team B. Join an existing team or just go it alone ,,, maybe one selection which picks a totally different skin to the eg, "team skins" (16 or so) for FFA play only.. Just an idea.. anybody with me ?
  3. instead of having the complicated teams/freeforall character selection , why not have the choice of any skin up to like 16 different so if you want to be in a team u choose the same skin as other people and if u want to go it alone u select a new skin, and maybe have a list on the character select which tells u how many people are on each team/skin, and if u turn friendly fire off for people using the same skin ppl will be forced to use teamwork rather than whacking their own team mates all the time.. respect to MTA team as always this mod rules !
  4. thanks , i deleted the files in MyDocuments and it works cheers for the fix
  5. Help plz from anybody with some common sense.... I had a strange crash whilst playing MTA on my Vice City 1.0: I was blasting away , dukeing it out when all of a sudden the single player save game screen popped up.. now i tried to exit the screen usual way,, didnt work.. tried again , didnt work... then tried to save a game to see if it work quit that way.. then game crashes... Now everytime i load up it get to intro screen then i get just get blank before 1st menu pops up and some sort of crash.. Tried reinstalling Vice City and MTA 3 times now but its still not gonna load.. So my quest
  6. i think the authors of multi theft auto should go check out the code from midnight club 2 its the GTA3 engine, and it has pedestrians online (only up to 4 players tho) and on a LAN game it has cars and pedestrians !!!!! perhaps you could include peds and traffic for LAN games only developers ???
  7. its not bandwidth its BENDWITH hes talking about thats a hole different bat and ball game thing woot
  8. I noticed another bug,, perhaps this should be in the bugs forum .. i go back on my word about the bridge being blocked i followed someone up and over the first bridge but noticed something weird happen at the load point (about halfway along) .. the guy in front of me disappeared but left the big blue arrow bouncing over his head.. and he remained invisible throughout staunton island ..
  9. HEY WAIT DOESNT ANYBODY KNOW THIS YET !?!??! I think the problem u are getting is being disconnected as soon as you get into the game .. just ALT-TAB out , press disconnect and then reconnect to the same server in console.. ALT-TAB back in and you should be playing with every 1 else hope this fixes the players on roof problem... i think theres some on roof even when other peeps are on and u have connected
  10. Well ive played a few more games now and have gotten into some uzi fights at least... if u use weapons cheat you can fire the guns but it has no impact server side ... like you use the rocket launcher on someone they fall to the ground for a few secs then all of a sudden u see them drive past u because they didnt get blasted on their pc Now im just guessing but i think the uzi is the only weapons that is synced in the game ? or what about when u use the weapons cheat does that 'de-activate' the uzi at all ? There is a long way to go i think with this mod but its looking great so far , if
  11. ah i see But even on T3 u must be experiencing some de-syncing ??? it must be cos a lot of people are runnning in circles and moonwalking into walls ! cars disappear for 2-3 seconds then re-appear... u die for no reason and have to select team again.. nobody has taken a shot at me yet !!! i feel like the only violent guy on the level ... and cars/players sometimes get stuck in the floor or stuck to another vehicle with exactly the same position and angle so it looks like two cars in one.. not to mention the entering and exiting trouble with another online peep sometimes get stuck in a loop
  12. Hi this is my first post and i hope to clarify some startup problems with anyone who had the same problem as me.. After you manage to connect to a server with the MTA prog get your gta started with the MTA launcher and make sure u press the GTA3 MTA button NOT sp, you will arrive at credits screen and it will loop... Alt-tab out of GTA3 while the credits are rolling and press Send Game Request on the MTA console now Alt-tab back to GTA3 and you should be able to select team... Diabolo is recommended by the authors but i had the same 'experience' from both team, either way your skin is st
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