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  1. um, isnt that the whole point.
  2. oooe


    ok well thank you. im sorry if I sounded ungreatful.
  3. oooe


    its very boring around here and nothings happening. might now be a good time to suck it up and keep the community informed. not to be bashfull, im sure youve heard it all by now, but your just being mean great mod, brilliant ideas, impressive history. unfortunate mistake. discuss? constructively.
  4. I think its a good idea. effective, undisruptive goodness
  5. its not a bad idea, a couple others have braught it up as well but I think in the end it was deemed a little problematic or unpractical.
  6. its very gentle a little eww the way its stretched from side to side. smilies could possible use some cleaning
  7. id assume the map editor would be a safe bet
  8. oooe

    Race Mod

    ohhh thats pretty cool, mta:dm race will be so silky, cant wait.
  9. can we hear a little bit more about the remaining issues or is it still under wraps.
  10. oooe

    Race Mod

    I was curious, if the mta team did it all over, would it of been a practical use of someones time to continue the development of race?
  11. oooe


    hopefully resolved.
  12. oooe


    I like apple, they did well for themselves.