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    Server list spam has [DDC] Cross name, another turkish IP.
  2. Lupinia

    Server list spam has [DDC] Drunk Drivers Club Blue name, which copies one of our servers name.
  3. Lupinia

    Server list spam

    [DDCE] Drunk Super Server (ip: is faking [DDC] again.
  4. Lupinia

    Server list spam

    Server named "[DDC] all things freeroam/race and more" at is stealing the name either.
  5. Lupinia

    Server list spam

    [DDC]DD+DM|FUN| (ip: is faking [DDC] servers aswell. Could you be so kind to block them from server list?
  6. Ну дак а то ж, убогие рейсеры никогда не сравнятся с великими стрелками. чо ещё? Ты первый пост читал ваще?
  7. Сообщество всегда такое странное, одним интересны гонки и ДД (FOTL, DDC, GMC, KZ) они и общаются между собой по интересной тематике. Ты хочешь попробовать объединить гонки и стрелялки под одной крышей? Пилотам будет неинтересно собирать фраги, а бойцам неинтересны многочасовые гонки по улицам штата. В гонках, FOTL, SKC управляют своим гоночным сообществом, а здесь история боевого направления сообщества. Контакты между гонщиками и бойцами слабо выражены, отсюда твоё "странное русское МТА сообщество". Привет Денис! На самом деле, если я написала "в вашем тексте все описано так, будто все русское МТА сообщество собрано вокруг", это не значит, что я предлагаю "объединить гонки и стрелялки под одной крышей". Где вообще в моем сообщении речь об объединении? Назвался груздем - полезай в кузов, а то "Немного о русском SA:MP/MTA сообществе", а сообщество описано крайне однобоко. Впрочем, пофиг.
  8. Какое-то странное у вас русское МТА сообщество получилось. Ни слова про DDC, GMC, KZ, речь только о бывших самп-кланах и рейс-кланах старого мта-рейс. Зато ссылок на свой сайт - до жопы, Я,, не знаю, как мта вообще жило без
  9. Hoster of [DDC] Blue server. Server is eating a lot of memory and CPU percentage, but everything is working smoothly. Also I trust Sebas as one of mta team members. Quality is just awesome, well, like everything Bas does ;d
  10. Раз я не серьезные люди, то почему мне нельзя поребячиться, отвечая на твой псто? Ты сам себе противоречишь
  11. Вы сумму в теме озвучьте, Саша, и ориентировочные требования конкретные к исполнителю, а там уже решим, кем я являюсь
  12. Ваня, ну ты даешь стране угля. Мелкого, но много.
  13. Somehow two of our members living in different countries got same problem in same day. They try to join any mta 1.0 server and getting same error on all servers - "Error downloading requestet files. Failed to initialize the download" or "Connection timed out". What could it be? One of them even reinstalled system but still same.
  14. Also it says "Master server couldnt be parsed". Some other players got this problem too. Didnt have such problem before. What could it be?
  15. Calm down. If somebody asks for help or suggest to fix something he shows idiocy and have to grow up? Read clearly, I didnt talk about 'customization', it was about default settings which looks strange. And if you are such good lua scripter it doesnt mean all others are, most people have to start. Also theres specified all about pickups, whatever. Your replics looks like you havent tryed your own modification in action in race mod, is that hard to get that everyone can customize 3-levels system, but its so unuseful till it setted as default setting, so why dont you set it to more useful system etc. How many times do I have to repeat that? Whats idiotic there? Just people told me asking developers for something is idiotic, then I agree. Anyway I better leave this discuss, it has nothing to trying to help.
  16. 1. Vehicle change spawn is vehicle change pickup. What else could it be? Spawnpoint which changes vehicle? Show me something like that ingame. They didnt worked ~3 times, after when they worked good. I specified that they just stopped working as they had to. What else you didnt got? 2. So creating analogue of mta:ma isnt in developers plans. Funny, we have to move but we have to lose those things which we had in old mta. What else should we create to make new mta having functionality as old one? I like it "yes you can", it shows developers relation to people who tryed to make mta popular in their countries. 3. Will check. 5. Do you read what I write? If you set it as default, it would be more useful than taking 3 mins of anybodys life to setup normal levels. Thats all about usability and "friendly interface". 6. Nobody of mtarace server owners wanted you to make Car/Weapon giving option. Even if you want to make mta taking samp positions, you would turn off this button when race mod is loaded and running. Just to prevent map restarts. Your holy mta 1.0 should be released not so early, but when it takes off his buggs and getting better usability. In old mta everything was ok with it. 7. Have you ever played race mod in mta 1.0? Look. 10 players playing, 1 player from far country (Brazil, for example) joined. Next map started, all players starts and driving, brazilian player having screen Waiting for loading resources. When resources are loaded (even if it took over than 20 seconds), he starts too. Its better because heres the only player have to wait, not all others. Im afraid but the point of this discuss from your side is not making new mta better. Its just defending your opinion. I told you what have to be done to just make new mta working not worse than old mta in race mod.
  17. What? That's what I'm saying. If you can list the requirements perhaps it can get done. As for all other points, they're either unclear or already have been addressed. In summary: 1) "Vehicle-change spawns dont work after some time of working in "old mta style". Saw that approx 3 times." - Don't work? They stop changing vehicles? They stop warping players upwards? Please be specific. Without details such issues can not be addressed. 2) Yes, MTA offers much more advanced IRC features than mtama. But you havent stated what's missing or what you actually need 3) Yes, MTA can send private and public messages with ease via Lua 4) Turn framelimiter on 5) I don't recall a "5-level" system being in existence for MTA:Race. There was just RCON and an admin console. It sounds like this is a custom implemented MTAmA script - which of course is possible in Lua 6) What on earth is a "Car/weapon"? Giving someone an uzi to driveby? Rockets on a Hydra - those arent given, they're on the vehicle already. How do you 'give' a 'car/weapon'. 7) Waiting times have been reduced, but are required in order to ensure all data has been sent. It also doesnt hold back if other players are taking too long to download. Also, the downloading of resources is a one-off. 1. Dont work at all. 2. Cant see live chat without joining ingame. 3. You gave code wich sends private message, I meant code to send message in public chat (for all players, not in PM of some/all players). 5. Old system is easier and more useful (not only my opinion) and would be added as default system. 6. Giving car/weapon is using button "Give AK-47" or "Give banshee". 7. Its not required, players which havent received all data for 3-4 seconds for example can wait until it receives, when others can ride already. Actually 20 players waiting for 1 player, why cant we drive when those laggy player downloading data?
  18. But cant see what players do, like in mta:ma. Lua is actually a hundred times more in touch with players than MTA:mA ever was. It's a matter of getting to grips with the new interface. As far as IRC goes, perhaps you can propose a detailed script implementation, and what sort of commands are required. It's very simple to write an irc echo script. Perhaps is there was a suggestion someone could write it in order to catalyse the switchover. Suggestion to developers How to show the chat output of a slash command to everyone? I still didnt got. Again, this is easily possible, just a matter of getting used to Lua: addCommandHandler ( "cash", function ( player, command ) local money = getPlayerMoney ( player ) --Grab the player's money outputChatBox ( "You have $", player, 0, 255, 0 ) --Send a message to him end ) Thanks will try, but what about other suggestions which Ive posted?
  19. Vehicle-change spawns dont work after some time of working in "old mta style". Saw that approx 3 times. But cant see what players do, like in mta:ma. How to show the chat output of a slash command to everyone? I still didnt got. Alright Its not such as "friendly interface". There had to be 5 levels (1 - mute, 2 - kick, 3 - ban, 4 - all functions except passwording/reboot server, 5 - server owner), but theres 3 almost the same levels by default. I just gave developers key "what to remake in next version", if they really need. Try to give anybody car/weapon in race mod (DD or race). U talk about waiting for others? Its not harming if server hosts in Neitherlands or Germany, but not in our sad lands. Checked.
  20. Thanks, thats what I wanted to hear. We are (players of most popular old-mta server - DDC) and me personally (server owner) have lots of reasons to delay moving in 1.0. If you really care about us, I post them here (cause bugtracker dont want me to post there anything). First problem was new vehicle-change spawns. They fixed in mta 1.0.2 by default but somehow they stops working after some time. Second problem is that theres nothing like server irc-channel. I just cant see whats there on server without joining. Third problem is... how to make public script messages? /cash sends private message with your cash, havent find any analogue of mta.text function in LUA. Fourth problem is physics of cars... somewhere they jumps totally different than in old mta. Is turned off framelimiter the reason of these long jumps? Fifth problem is strange acl, 3 groups in acl implied having 3 almost same by functions levels, actually old 5-levels system was more responsible. Also if u give somebody car/weapon in racemod - map will get restarted For usual players - map selection timer is too long, when u join to server u have to download resources, when map is starting all players have to wait for those player whose internet works not so good with this server, wait until he download this map and resources. At least turn off waiting for others, it takes upto 20 seconds in some maps and laggy-for-foreign-players server locations (Poland or Russia, for example). Not my words only, all our players can say so, also old members of other clans which prefer to stop playing mta than to move in 1.0 (theres so many, I noticed). If you really can fix that it would be much better than mythic closing master server.
  21. I didnt ask for reason, opinions of members or something else. I just wanted to ask developers, will it be closed or not. If they deign to concede my question and reply - would be really nice. If itll be closed without any news like "In 7 days we close masterserver" its pain in ass for server owners dont u think.
  22. Ive heard mta developers going to close Mtarace Server browser. Developers team, is that true?
  23. How to post there? Havent find any button like "Submit issue", and it says my access level is Viewer. Didnt check 1.02. If it works fine now, thanks to developers.