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    Server list spam

    The server [DDC] Drunk Drivers Club got to get faked too. Real server IP: mtasa:// Fake server IP: mtasa://
  2. - при установке выбирать локацию Netherlands, есть вебмани.
  3. По поводу - появился сервер в Голландии, можно заказывать как за вебмани, так и за пайпал. При заказе выбирать "Netherlands".
  4. Lupinia

    Server list spam is faking DDC servers.
  5. Lupinia

    Server list spam is faking DDC servers
  6. Found the reason, some files in audio/streams were corrupted. Sorry for inconvenience.
  7. MTA closes after when it shows main menu. GTA doesnt show menu either, closes by itself. Reinstalling OS didnt help. Mtadiag report is here What would u say?
  8. Lupinia

    Server list spam is faking DDC servers
  9. Вы всерьез думаете, что внедренные с 1.0.5 повсеместные проверки в коде античита-убийцы фпс уберут? Да не уберут никогда, к коду этих проверок вряд ли кто-то имеет доступ даже, кроме ccw-like people.
  10. ru-hosterом никто не пользуется из тутошних? Как там с лагами и прочим сейчас?
  11. Lupinia

    Server list spam is faking DDC servers.
  12. Lupinia

    Server list spam is faking DDC servers.
  13. Lupinia

    Server list spam is faking DDC servers.
  14. Yep, can only agree. We moved all our 9 servers there in march 2011, actually also TG and Simbad De Zeeman servers are hosting there. 10 months working without any visible problems, knocking on wood.
  15. Lupinia

    Server list spam

    Hello guys. You may laugh but and are faking DDC again. [DDC] Grey and [DDC] ITA New server 3D Studio Mod 2012 arent our servers. Oh also is using something like xiiiepgddcffs in name.
  16. Lupinia

    Server list spam

    Another fake [DDC] Cross DD server is at today, yesterday. Could you do something with this guy? It is the same person, his serial is 423ACBF3CB0A7F66146E19761CE445A2 and he keeps opening server again and again with dynamic ips.
  17. Lupinia

    Server list spam is faking [DDC] Cross DD server with almost same server name. Please block this server from servers list.
  18. Lupinia

    Server list spam and are faking DDC servers for second day already. I usually dont report servers who were running for the only day on local pc using DDC tag, but these two are running much longer than others. Could you please take them out from servers list.
  19. Lupinia

    Server list spam

    Server is faking DDC.
  20. Yup, tried not the only time and server is still giving this error. Do I need to get some special libraries?
  21. Running 1.1 server, it gives next error: Segmentation fault Aug 27 19:08:54 chloe kernel: [23202695.460273] mta-server[14201]: segfault at 62720b0 ip 00000000062720b0 sp 00000000f37a635c error 14 in mta-server[8048000+2000] [root@chloe log]# uname -a Linux hostname #1 SMP Fri Oct 22 15:36:08 UTC 2010 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux Fedora OS. 1.0.3 - 1.0.5 were working fine. What would it be?
  22. Lupinia

    MTA,GTA compatibility

    Turn DEP off. Run Command prompt as administrator, write there: bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff
  23. Lupinia

    Server list spam

    Few ideas for you: 1) Find the IP of a particular server on its official website. Almost every server's website displays the server IP on the main page. The best way to check. 2) Compare reported servers with "official" ones by checking their uptime on (or any other website that has that feature). Official IPs of DDC servers atm are with various ports. You can see list of official IPs in my profile, other owners may add them in their own profiles either.