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  1. This is my race pack... I have added as an attachment , They ARE ALL MY MAPS, Exept Jaxc Which i have permision: Thats all, i will do another soon Im Out ! ~JamyDoger ~4Cazp ~4Cazp.UK ~4Cazp(UK) ~4Cazp Or any of those names!!!!
  2. JamyDoger

    eD Clan

    Lol, x15 or x16 now? is that your age or something? lol, thanks anyway
  3. JamyDoger

    eD Clan

    It is now called NeQ Clan - 24/7!
  4. Its easy to solve, i have had about 300 objects on a map and objects disapeared. so all u do is go into 'add element' then 'add object' then choose a category, then choose the first object, look back at your map and all the objects will be there. P.S: Pm me
  5. Have u got lan or a router? If u have got lan then i can help u sry if youve got router, i cant do anything to help If it is unscanned than what u first do is make sure both computers have gta:sa and mta, then copy the fies for ur server from 1 computer to another, next ask people if they can see ur server (to do this u need to add a server name in the mtaserver.conf) If they can ur server is ready , but if they cant, there must be something else that needs doing that i do not yet know.., if this does not work, try here http://wiki.mtasa.com/index.php?title=S ... tup_Guides , Hope
  6. Hi, i am doing a server and i need help with the scripts. The problem is, is that i dont know how to make them work. I play on gta:sa Race v1.1.1 and i have read loads of sites but i still dont understand. It would be really really good if u could help me . I Have got the scripts but i dont know where to put them, i would be really happy if u could guide me through how to do it on msn, my msn is JamyDoger18@hotmail.co.uk Thanks, JamyDoger
  7. JamyDoger

    The Gang

    Ah...sorry about that, i didnt quite understand what a gang was I am only 9 years old... Now ive said im 9 is this the part u all start hating me
  8. JamyDoger

    eD Clan

    Hi...a few days ago i created a clan called eD (29.8.2007) we only have a few maps but that will soon change I hope that u could come onto the server Mod = Race v1.1.1
  9. What is wrong with my script? i have got all the commands that i need but they dont work
  10. JamyDoger

    The Gang

    The gang for MTA:san andreas
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