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  1. You did switch line numbers off before copying, right? Or didn't you? @Solidsnake, it's hard to read the code with such indenting.. The text stayed exactly the same between editor and post, line numbers and all.
  2. I just speed-read the script, it seems to be EXACTLY what I'm after, though I honestly want to learn how to script that kind of stuff. EDIT: Out of curiosity, I pasted the code into the Script Editor, and there are tons of "unexpected symbol" errors and a few " expected near end" errors.
  3. Yup. I guess that the script can't cope with multiple entries (entries with the same vehicle name). Ingame, it only shows the first entry.
  4. 1. I saw the intro earlier, it's not that useful (to me). 2. Do you know where the similar script is? 3. You have to realize I have no clue what I'm doing.
  5. THAT would explain it. And what do you mean, additional entry, the one I added?
  6. I was just wondering how I would go about making a car option menu for turning on/off the lights and engine, putting an alarm on it (possibly), and locking/unlocking the car (to others). Perhaps if I started with key binds, it would make things easier. In the meantime, I guess I'll setup the folder and meta.xml for the whole thing... If this gets anywhere, I might add a specific-part-repairer, such as repairing only the windshield, or only the front bumper, etc. EDIT: I got a basic script set up, but the script editor persists in telling me it has errors. What's wrong with it? bindkey ( p
  7. Huh. Can you show me the text of your vehicles.xml? And BTW: This also seems to be the case on many servers I've visited.
  8. But it doesn't spawn anything, and there is no corresponding line in the .xml file for the Kart. Spooky.
  9. I'd be lying if I said this post wasn't useful.
  10. What do I mean by "pacifist option", you ask? And, assuming this doesn't make me some sort of hacker, cheater, etc., I would like this to be clientside, so that I may enjoy myself in servers where killing is allowed without having to deal with attackers or flee from them. I mostly need help on the script itself (no clue which commands to use), and how to phrase the meta.xml, so that it works without (many) problems.
  11. I tried to insert the Kart with ID 571 into vehicles.xml under the Freeroam gamemode, but attempting to spawn it accomplished nothing. I am working from my own computer, and here is what I modified: <group name="Misc"> <group name="Other"> <vehicle id="485" name="Baggage" /> <vehicle id="568" name="Bandito" /> <vehicle id="424" name="BF Injection" /> <vehicle id="504" name="Bloodring Banger" /> <vehicle id="431" name="Bus" /> <vehicle id="457" name="Caddy" /> <vehicle id="437" name="Coach" /> <vehicle id="532" name="C
  12. I don't cheat. HOW do I install mods/resources?
  13. Maxaxle


  14. Maxaxle


    Yes or no: is it possible to add pedestrian, gangster, bot, etc. NPCs to MTA, in the form of resources, mods, etc? And no, I don't plan to do this myself (though I won't ask for it either).
  15. I meant stuff like the speedometer, or a working car bomb shop, or a working modshop, etc. For good measure, I guess I'll just copy them into the Resources folder...not that I know where that is. I'm not in any clan.
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