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  1. My friend found this texture in C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas\MTA\data\textures\screen.png look at the green line you can see there: K Y E M A N - I S - A - D U M B F U C K that is very funny
  2. I tried LUA but i dislike it, I haven´t time to learn LUAS scripting, I am scripting in pawn 1,5 year and it is at this time much more easier for me.
  3. I dislike LUA scripting, I think MTASADM will be more popular with pawn scripting which is much more easier...
  4. it should be usefull to change vehicle driving with Lua scripts...
  5. when I placed new models, driver was sitting in the center of vehicle not in seat? How can I fix it?
  6. at server.lua add at the top local playerid = thePlayer
  7. look at resources at wiki, you ened to put your new models to the server and other players must it download but one model has about 3MB and many players hate downloading maps etc.
  8. in my gamemode work my random spawn properly, maybe i forgot something put there...
  9. bzuco


    do you have installed MTASA DM properly?
  10. simple tutorial how create random spawns as in sa-mp 1.We need coordinates local playerid = thePlayer -- playerid look much more better for me local SpawnPoints = 30 SpawnPointsX = { -2625.2864, -2623.2029, -2625.8347, -2677.5947, -2677.5938, -2687.0095, -2727.9255, -2725.1943, -2723.1816, -2789.8159, -2791.6599, -2791.6638, -2688.9690, -2621.7439, -2623.1860, -2319.5371, -2098.2395, -2068.0857, -1717.8177, -1850.6150, -1799.9431, -1998.1191, -1988.6193, -2208.0051,
  11. yes it is possible, i am working on it
  12. bzuco


    I can only use clothes with CJ skin?? I tried other skin to apply moto helmut
  13. where can i download it?? i tried center.mtasa.com but: The MTA Center is temporarily disabled. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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