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  1. Text Utilities 1.0 I recently re-started messing around with lua and made this little library with handy text functions. I didn't upload this to the resource center because it's not a resource and it can't be used as a resource because it gets too messy with callback functions and other stuff. You have to put the source file into your resource. I am currently accepting suggestions on more useful functions, so please post all your ideas! --> Download <-- What is it? Text Utilities is a library that simplifies MTA Text functions for the most common tasks. How do I use it? -
  2. Take a look at this snippet: addEventHandler("onPlayerVehicleExit", getRootElement(), function(vehicle, seat, jacker) if(seat == 0 and not starting_timeattack) then if(jacker == nil) then destroyElement(vehicle) setElementData(source, "current_vehicle", nil) else local jackername = getPlayerName(jacker) outputChatBox(jackername .. " tried to steal your car!", source) warpPedIntoVehicle(source, vehicle) end end if(starting_timeattack) then
  3. That must be it :] I completely forgot about the LOD system. ill figure out how to split the hill I guess
  4. Mhm, thanks. At least i hope they fix custom vehicle collisions
  5. Hi, i'm trying to convert a single player modded map (Akina Downhill) to MTA by replacing some objects with the custom map models and placing them where they should be. The problem is, the map uses some pretty big objects (a huge unsolid hill plus 4 pretty big pieces of road with collisions). The pieces of road are almost decent (they fade in as you start driving on them), but the big problem is the giant hill that surrounds these pieces of road. Its completely invisibile except for a few view angles. This mod works perfectly in single player, so it must be something with MTA object system.
  6. As the title says, I would love to add my own ped models to have custom skins for the players. Also, will it fix vehicle custom collision?
  7. Try renaming it in .xml and open it with firefox, it will tel u the syntax errors
  8. lol nvm i tryed kewuk's way and it worked thanks anyways dn83 edit: i got another problem... when the player has the marker attached he should have infinite hp's but i just tested it and i was able to kill my friend while he had the marker
  9. but it should be global since it has not 'local' in front of it...
  10. I can't find any errors... here's the whole code: -- Simple DM - coded by Franc[e]sco --//--------------------------------------------------------------------------// local playerid = thePlayer local rSpawnPoints = {} killingSpreeDisplay = textCreateDisplay() killingSpreeActive = false killingSpreeMsg = textCreateTextItem("", 0.7, 0.05) textDisplayAddText(killingSpreeDisplay, killingSpreeMsg) --//--------------------------------------------------------------------------// function onPlayerSpawns ( ) playSoundFrontEnd(source, #rSpawnPoints) local rand = randInt(1, #rSpawnP
  11. wtf now it gives bad argument at the detach function too
  12. I got a problem... i'm adding the final touches to my gamemode... and i added a spawnkilling protection... to make it look nicer i attach a cylinder marker to the player until the spawnkilling protection goes down (5 secs)... and destroy element says bad argument when it should destroy the marker... here's some snippets from the code: If the spawn protection is setted to true in the map file and a player spawns, create the marker and set the timer to destroy the marker. if (getElementData(getElementByIndex("spawnprotect", 0), "activated") == "true") then setTimer(spawnProtectE
  13. NVM, i solved removing also the observers from the text display when i remove the textItem
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