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  1. For everyone who saw this: this is NOT the dutch Lukkie. Just to clear up things.
  2. I unbound my B key, but I cant find where to bind it back so I can join a race when I join the server. Whats the command for it? Thx
  3. bump: Runtime didnt work
  4. I have a GTX260 (XFX) I have this problem since I bought my new pc including that graphic card. And I never play singleplayer I'm trying to (re-)install DX now.
  5. I have this problem in many maps. Especially when lots (Can be 5 as well) of the same objects are placed in the same area. It happens as well with the "airport steel ramps" (they appear at the end of a starting lane) and with the mostly used track for loops. This problem: http://www.xfire.com/video/2f5753/
  6. Didnt know EPG and XIII had race maps o_O Those maps are mostly speedmaps without respawn. (aka DM)
  7. It's doing its job very well on #Partyandco D:
  8. lukkie[BE]


    I was racing (So no resources are starting etc.) and Im the only one crashing..
  9. lukkie[BE]


    EDIT: I play on the Dutch PARTY and CO server all the time. Its running Race with some mods like Stats etc.
  10. lukkie[BE]


    Starting last week Ive got lots of crashes. How can I fix this? Ill add 2 Dump files
  11. lukkie[BE]

    [MTA]weird BUg

    Where did you get 1.0.4
  12. lukkie[BE]

    Cant start maps

    If I want to test a map and I start my server, Race resource and Admin resource I get this as output in my server console [11:39:42] INFO: onGamemodeMapStart(race-apacheassault) [11:39:42] Map 'Apache Assault' started. [11:39:42] start: Resource 'race-apacheassault' started [11:39:42] ERROR: xmlLoadFile failed; ModifyOtherObjects in ACL denied resource race to access race-apacheassault [11:39:42] WARNING: Error while loading race-apacheassault: no meta.xml [11:39:42] INFO: Error loading map race-apacheassault [11:39:47] Stopping race-apacheassault [11:39:47] Starting race-bloodring [11:39:4
  13. Im not good at scripting, but is the filepath mentioned correctly?
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