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  1. [2016-04-20 19:47:16] Starting npchlc_traffic [2016-04-20 19:47:16] Starting npc_hlc [2016-04-20 19:47:16] Starting server_coldata [2016-04-20 19:47:16] ERROR: [traffic]/npchlc_traffic/traffic.lua:24: [traffic]/npchlc_traffic/load_paths.lua:102: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) [string "?"] [2016-04-20 19:47:16] startResource: Resource 'npchlc_traffic' started [2016-04-20 19:47:16] ADMIN: Resource 'npchlc_traffic' started by dustinduse [2016-04-20 19:47:16] ERROR: [traffic]/npchlc_traffic/traffic.lua:24: cannot resume dead coroutine [string "?"] [2016-04-20 19:47:22] ERROR: [tra
  2. Ok.... Well Castillo i have a question for you is your c-panel script up to date? cuz the report function isnt working on my server
  3. You cant open the Army Base gates that are world objects? i mean the ones that are already there... And if thats true how the heck do i walk from one part to the other. if i cant open the gates?
  4. Oh well that explains ALOT.... Any idea when that will come about?? Thanks
  5. I cant get this working. on MTA server 1.1.1 function helpbot(thePlayer) local x,y,z = getElementPosition (thePlayer) call(getResourceFromName("slothbot"), "spawnBot", x-2, y, z, 0, 287, 0, 0, helpme, 31, "following", thePlayer) end Bot pops up Stands there looking around or jumps around. doesnt follow. doesnt attack anything.... cant figure it out. and if i add setPlayerTeam(thePlayer, helpme) then for some reason it sets no team for player.... any help?
  6. I have the latest version of MTA. and i looked around. didnt find anything similar. and ive tryed updating sound card driver before didnt change. So heres what its doing... I can hear sounds. like all the sounds. except engine noises... BUT i hear other peoples engine noises when they drive by. i just dont hear my own... Weird right? ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 12/12/2011, 11:14:34 Machine name: JUPITER Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.110622-1506) Langu
  7. I plan on making something really unique and wont stop workin on it till theres so much to do... cuz your right most the current zombie servers are very boring..........
  8. Yeah well... ur right but like i dont really like any of the ones i have played. lol... But my friend who was helpin me thinks we could do otherthings with the same GM. and hes kinda right. but yeah well. lol Zombie servers will die out and then this will be done and people might go back to playin zombies again haha
  9. Soo im working on like a mass zombie map and gamemode me and my buddy call quarantine... where your actually stranded on Los Santos. and you have to find your way out.. its not much yet. but would kinda like to know if anyone wants to help with anything? here in about a week ima be updating my Firewall server and my MTA server will be on the internet was just wonderin if anyone wanted to see if anyone was willin to help script. the Main plan for this week is to finish adding Slothmans Slothbots to kill anyone that trys to leave the island... If you guys want ill post ya some pictures?
  10. I also have editor problems. many actually. when editing i have to restart the resource as it becomes inresponceive or does very weird things. Also i need help with interior weapon spawns. i used the editor and put weapon spawns in interior 5. but for some reason they dont appear. you can pick them up but they dont appear. invisible guns. very irritating.. thx
  11. I would like to ask something... In the case of a zombie being killed a kill is added to the players kills. how can i make it also award that player a set amount of money for that kill?.... And also why cant you kill them with cars? they are like walls when you try to run them over lol . thanks ahead of time.
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