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  1. Chippie do u try him to let him a locked channel join? like modes Operators/Admins only, password protections etc. Because then i doesnt join the channel. But he will if you just have a free open channel when it is good just a thougt but could also be something else >.<
  2. FNdanielNL


    Well if i may believe our law, then it is legal to patch the game to a no cd/dvd version. However only when this game has been bought by you. If you have illegal downloaded it then it is also illegal to use a no cd/dvd patch for it. You need to see it as fellow. You bougt a cd, you rip it to your computer to set it on your mp3 player. This is legal. If you dowloaded the music illegal from the internet then it is illigal to set it on your mp3 player. So we are talking here about did you bougt the media or not. If you did you can use a no cd/dvd patch you didnt then it is illegal.
  3. whit me he only says Unable to find modules/ml_ircecho.dll!
  4. well your not the only one whit this problem. I do have it also. The cause is that the module .dll file issnt loaden. But for some kind of strainge reason i cant load it
  5. **************** link to the module dll file Dunno if you can use it but i am running it all on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise *******FIXED*********
  6. For some kind of reason he doesnt load the modules that i want to load? [22:33:22] Server log being saved to '###################/logs/server.log' [22:33:22] ERROR: Could not parse 'settings.xml' file (Invalid file). Starting with an empty settings registry. [22:33:26] Resources: 97 loaded, 0 failed [22:33:26] MODULE: Unable to find modules/testmod1.dll! [22:33:26] MODULE: Unable to load modules/testmod2.dll! [22:33:26] Starting admin [22:33:26] Starting helpmanager [22:33:26] Starting mapcycler [22:33:26] Starting mapmanager [22:33:26] Starting votemanager [22:33:26] Starting resou
  7. System: Mictosoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Service Pack 2 Computer: Intel®Celeron® CPU 2.80GHz 279Ghz, 504 MB of RAM There are no system failure logs of the time the server totaly timed out for some minutes cause mta:dm
  8. Dunno why, but sometimes when the server does load a mod there happens something that it takes all connection speed of the server. It even looks like the server is offline however it issnt. This happens sometimes and causes +/- 1 minute connection downtime of the server, however it didnt lost connection. Because i can get the online status response for it. But all services on the server are unavailable when this happens
  9. Does somebody already working on a ingame chat to irc echo script??????????? Or issnt it possible anymore whit mtaDM
  10. Exept for that he is saying Gamemode "Classic Death Match"started. is the screen staying black server side: ERROR: Couldnt packetize argument list, invalid element specified.
  11. For some kind of reason the clients who connect to the windows server can use the chat or f9 and that kind of things but there looking at a black screen ???
  12. How do i make this so that if you only use a part of the nick he does display the full nick? so something like this: !cookie Alp Admin Player gives Alpha a cookie so not: !cookie Alp Admin Player gives Alp a cookie I tried something whit this, but it doesn't work?? elseif ($3 == !cookie) mta.text $1 $mta.nick($1,$2) gives $mta.nick($1,$+(*,$4-,*)) a cookie
  13. on *:SIGNAL:mta.text:{ if (swear isin $3) { var %a = $readini($mta.dir $+ $1.ini,n,$2,swears) !writeini " $+ $mta.dir $+ $1.ini" $1 $2 swears $iif(%a > 2,3,$calc(%a + 1)) !inc %a mta.text $1 $mta.nick($1,$2) $+ , don't swear! ( $+ $replacex(%a,1,first,2,second,3,last) warning) if (%a > 2) mta.kick $1 $2 } } can i do alias swear and then readini or txt or something whit a list of swearing words? And how to script then? I want that he reads all the swearing words from a other file, whit a list of swearwords...
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