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  1. Sent you a friend request on msn.
  2. Is there anyone that can host my server for free? 24/7 possibly for free. I have people in my server but the only problem is they lag when they want to play.
  3. I know there has been other threads like this one and that the MTA Team gave up on MTA:VC but why can't you just take the time to remove ASE as the server browser and use Game-Monitor? I would do it myself if I had the source lol. Come on, help us out here.
  4. Its ok I got it now. But how do i get my server to get listed on Game-Monitoring? I'm going to try to make a MTA Client that instead of using ASE as the server browser i will have it get the servers from Game-Monitoring.
  5. I successfully port forwarded ports 2003 to 4003 and i still can't connect the server.
  6. Netgear Wireless Router model WPN824v3
  7. No, no one can join the server. Ive tried port forwarding and it still wont work Error: I could not see your service on on port (2003) Reason: Connection refused
  8. Trying to start my own server but the only problem is I can only join my server when the the ip is or Ive tried port forwarding and turning off the firewall but no help there. Can anyone help me out?
  9. Is there at least any servers that people play on so i'm not the only one on there. I honestly wish I knew how to code so I can continue MTA 5.0 but idk..
  10. Can the developers release the MTA 0.5 Source since you gave up on it. At least let the people continue the project.
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