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  1. The Urban Legends are currently after somebody who is very talented in the GFX/Movie Editing side of things. Provided you have a microphone, can talk and have the Editing skills to back it, you may well have a high chance of getting into [uL]! Don't worry about the skill side of things as we'll train you up in return for your GFX/Movie Editing skills. We expect you to have a basic understanding of SA:MP and/or MTA DeathMatch. If you are interested make an application via our forum! www.urban.clan.pro
  2. ~The Urban Legends~ Main Ranks & Members List Leader -Jakez Management: -Um3D Public Relations: -Darius Urban Legends: -Zale -Wazza -Alvarez -Zoot -Jordan -Slice -Kanada420 / -Vendetta -HoNoUr3d -Pottus -Scream Legends: Trials: -Holden Coders -Wang Retired Legends -dyNamo -Lityanko -Grocku -DronZe -iMmOrTaLiTy Sub-Ranks & Jobs Ventrilo Server Admins -Jakez -Um3D -Zoot -Jordan -Slice Design, Video, Scripting & Mapping GFX -DronZe -Jakez Movies -Zale -Zoot Scripting -Slice -Kanada -Jakez Mapping -Kanada -Da
  3. Wow man. I can't thank you enough, someone who posts the exact think I was looking for. Now thats a rarity on the internet .
  4. I've seen the ingame weapons as objects on SA-MP, I've also seen websites with the object ids but yet when you search for them on MTA Map Editor you don't get anything. Apparently you can also get clothing as objects too. How can you get the ingame weapons/clothes as objects on mta map editor?
  5. so it isn't compatible with the latest MTA Map Editor?
  6. your maps always impress me. Something to aspire to
  7. hmm thats a shame that it is too buggy Anyone got more indepth info on how to set this up, even if it may be buggy i'd at least like to give it a go. I tryed searching and couldn't find anything on it
  8. Hey, I was wondering if it is possible for me to go on map editor, edit the map etc, and then for somebody else to join and help me edit the map. Is this possible? If so, what do I have to do so i can set it up
  9. Darius

    Player Limit

    Well i was on a test server for 0.3, there was 500 people all in place. I wouldn't say 500 vehicles, but damn close outside. It didnt crash or anything, was just laggy for me. (I dont have a good PC )
  10. what about LC-MP? That was released, but nobody plays it anymore
  11. Well if that happened because of my 'sacrifice' then I wouldn't be so angry D:
  12. can anyone confirm what this guy said? I've spent a week on it. Fucking rage
  13. Hey i've been working on a map for a roleplay server for about a week now, I was nearly finished. When I went to save it, I noticed I couldn't come out of the save menu screen. Clicking on 'save' or 'cancel' didnt work. But I was still able to go onto the main menu 'disconnect, server list etc.' so I clicked on disconnect. When I went back on the map editor later, I noticed my file was no longer on the list. When I checked in the program files, my file was there. But instead of being at least 34kb+ it was 1kb. Anybody know what happened? And how to get my map back.
  14. Nope, theres a few but i can't remember their names. Only one I can remember atm is GTA Liberty unleashed.
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