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  1. Sean

    Hi, i'm stuck

    ok, what is the use of the Forums i installed mIRC and i use the Editor and i save it as Script than what do i do.
  2. Sean

    Hi, i'm stuck

    where i can put my script file, i know that sound is crazy lol or how to make it work so where i put my Script File after finishing it.
  3. i'm 16 just playing with ages... and what is the problem if i'm sorry about the Subject of deathmatch by the way how i can delete my account?
  4. F*** You By the way my age is not 12
  5. Sean

    I need the Center

    i'm Sorry but i search on MTA wiki but i didnt find anything so you can help me?
  6. Sean

    I need the Center

    i have 140 Maps in the file (C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas\server\mods\race\maps) and there is a map called (Airplane Dogfight) but can you tell me how to upload that maps to my server and how to change the name of the server and how to creat commands in my server.... Please help me.... i will send you 140 map, but please help (Note: i'm not sure the map name (example: Runway69.map) it is the map file are correct
  7. Why you dont Released DeathMatch on public and called it BETA then we can find buges so easy with 2000 or more pple playing at it and every 2 week or more make an update couze every one nervise about DM (when it will released) (do they will make it or no)...... DeathMatch Beta Update every 2 weeks
  8. What i can do if the MTA center is down or closed when it will open
  9. it is hard. but i will not let him go away What i can do if the RSSDownloaderMap Say that: Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Map Downloader ###### Feed: http://center.mtasa.com/rss.php?h=63afd ... 145f071a3f Map save Pathe= c://Program Files\MTA San Andreas\Server\mods\race\maps Updating every 60 seconds with a full update every 5 upddate Downloading Up to a maximum of 5 maps per update. ###### Cheacking RSS feed...Failed Error Downloadiing RSS Feed: 404 - Not Found And so on But for MTA Server: ###### Name: 'untitled MTA:SA Server' Port: 22003 Mod: San Andreas : Race Mod v1.1.1
  10. thx guys very much i download it i hope i make the server without any trouble
  11. i try to download MTA Race Server v1.1.1 but when i click at Download it told me that (The requested site is either unavailble or connot be found)
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