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  1. What was difficult? Downloading my intellectual property? You do know the copyright automatic and what you are doing here is illegal? -ffs-Bauss
  2. Huge thanks to Jusonex from me! Always wanted to utilize my years of front-end coding experience to build user-interfaces in MTA as well. It's so much faster. My only concern before was that it's not gonna be very sharp, but it's as sharp as can be. For some reason people aren't taking the full advantage of it yet, at least based on the resources forums. Here's an example of our new login panel (resizes automatically based on the viewport size, no funky calculations needed): Link to an image Might as well use CEF as an interface to draw custom fonts with, we finally have antialiasing now.
  3. I have never claimed such thing in the first place. No such thing happened. A post claiming that we stole scripts from Neon was deleted and I publicly advised the person to contact Tjong if he has any doubts. I am not upset, not even the slightest.
  4. I don't quite understand what you are trying to achieve with this outstir. It was the decision of the author to sell his scripts and it was his decision to make. I also do not understand how you can call it a slightly modified one without even having seen it, nor having enough knowledge about coding to be able to assess something like that. Regardless, I made an official comment here: http://ffsgaming.com/threads/50796-CarB ... post348565 Welcome to real world.
  5. Nullroute whose IP? First of all you wouldn't even know the reason behind it. You'll have no referral URL and no idea of the traffic source = no way to filter the traffic, only option would be to drop all the incoming connections. There is no central "streaming app". It's all on-server-basis. There are only scripting functions, which users do with those is up to them. What you describe is not a standard feature, the server owners have made special scripts for it to work like that. The "flaw" equivalence with HTML5 that I brought up before still stands.
  6. This thread doesn't make any sense for several reasons. First of all, the situation you described – sounds are played in 3D space for all the players are seldom cases, not many servers have such scripts, at least to my knowledge. The mainstream scripts are optional for the end user and the stream only gets played for the client who initiates it. But all what I described is really irrelevant to the matter. What baffles me, is the essence of your claim. You claim to be an hosting provider. You get paid for hosting servers, most likely per listener (slot) basis (if not, then it's your own proble
  7. About that. I find translating MTA to any other language a total waste of time. If someone has find their way to MTA:SA, it is pretty safe to assume that they can understand English at least on an elementary level. It doesn't really add much value to the mod in my opinion.
  8. My comment had nothing to do with the CIT-debate. It was just to point out that your statement has no factual basis to it. What's the use of copying anyways? You can't achieve the success of the original by doing a copy-paste of it. (Compare some MTA servers for example) Be original, be creative and success will follow. I can think of a ton of different UI layouts for something like that.
  9. No it isn't ironic. First of all, Samsung only manufactures the processors which are designed by Apple. Secondly, even if they were buying in another company's parts, how would it be ironic? It's business as usual.
  10. No, that would be nearly impossible. There's no such text ("dedicated 1 Gbit/s") on the website btw. There's not even a chance that even the burstable connection could reach to 1 Gbit/s, unless every MTA:SA server is on its own root. Having "1 Gbps" in every server-type column (as a feature) is clearly misguiding (and a false advertisement). You could state the server specs somewhere above/below that, but not there.
  11. Compiling is pointless because you can decompile them very easily. But FFS has some part in the script that if u decompile it, it will not be usable and is pointless. But idk how to do it. That is wrong. Is it though?
  12. So, every MTA:SA server comes with a dedicated 1 Gbit/s uplink? False advertising?
  13. Yes, it's true for most languages, but not for Lua. Setting a single value as nil doesn't force a rehash, so the table size remains the same (initially). Though as I mentioned, that is not a problem in most cases anyways.
  14. That's wrong, when speaking about performance. Calling the function is definitely slower and setting it to nil will suffice in most cases, even if the table isn't rehashed in lua.
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