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  1. Special1

    Where The..

    u can already do it... just ban the ip but use .0.0 at the end, eg if you ban: than it will ban all ip's starting with 217.19 Ye,Ye you got it, what I mean! could ya give me code of this command?= ty
  2. Special1

    Where The..

    nothing is up... he is banned if u searched ur script... u didnt look very well. look under mta.join on *:SIGNAL:mta.join: { newnick $1- if ($hget(prsbans,$mta.ip($1,$2)) != $null) { mta.pm $1 $2 YOU ARE BANNED! - KEEP OUT! mta.ban $1 $2 !halt } his IP has been banned before, this code is added because the mta ban file gets reset once u restart the server, (although some people say it doesnt for them) but it does for me and some others, in every test ive tried. so to stop banned people from rejoining once ur bans file is emptied, the script stores all the banned IP's,
  3. Special1

    Where The..

    Well, in me server today 1 guy joined and i have loaded only trace and mtaprs script but then i guy joined and I NEVER SAW THIS MESSAGE: [timehere] * Admin say's to {PRO}-Tsillmees: YOU ARE BANNED! - KEEP OUT! - WTF I searched in scripts this, but nowhere finded this text? whatsup ?
  4. In MTA:SA is my ping 40-70 . in CS is my ping 30-40.
  6. Special1

    Version of SA?

    topic wrong place -.- anyway why do you need to know it
  7. lo, i have an BIG PROBLEM WITH ME PING ingame!!! When im out of game me ping is normal ,(tested in every server) like in aragornath too: Silent your ping is 69. Average: . Ping Flux: 15.5. Max Ping Allowed: off. Admin Immunity Level: 999 -- When i goed ingame i typed !ping : Silent your ping is 1000. Average: . Ping Flux: . Max Ping Allowed: off. Admin Immunity Level: 999 after 2 sec Silent your ping is 743. Average: . Ping Flux:. Max Ping Allowed: off. Admin Immunity Level: 999 after 4 sec Silent your ping is 80. Average: . Ping Flux: . Max Ping Allowed: off. Admin Immunity Level: 999
  8. hey, good job for sharing with us this link !!
  9. maybe your firewall or router blocking ASE port when you use MTA0.5 server, open 2126 port when you use MTA:SA:RACE1.1.1 server, open 22126 port, try
  10. ...now i open'ed MTA0.5 all needed ports and Server is not avaible on Servers list( ase is enabled ) and patch is installed for exe and server install is installed, now shows who wants to connect , me friend tryed to connect and me to as me ip and EXE shows this but timeout. what to do?
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