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  1. SpInKsTaR

    Doctor Who

    Pretty sure he's referring to the TARDIS
  2. SpInKsTaR

    Moving port

    spawnPlayer http://development.mtasa.com/index.php?title=SpawnPlayer
  3. SpInKsTaR

    All new Voice support!

    I lol'd
  4. SpInKsTaR

    SA-MP emulator - out now for MTA nightly builds

    This is good (: .... in ways
  5. Ahhh nice Dunno if you remember but im Bob_Chan
  6. Whats Vinnie doing these days?
  7. SpInKsTaR

    [REL] Realistic Car Ramming v0.1.2 BETA

    I wanna see a car hit a wall and turn into a nuclear explosion
  8. SpInKsTaR


  9. SpInKsTaR

    Moving objects

    http://development.mtasa.com/index.php?title=MoveObject Example 2 Might help you
  10. Anything seems possible with Lua
  11. SpInKsTaR

    [IDEA][Request] Player name Changer....

    Basically...a sensible amount of characters most people have under 16 characters i guess
  12. SpInKsTaR

    [IDEA][Request] Player name Changer....

    What about a script that kicks or changes a persons name if it has too many Characters, Cause most cheaters extend their name Example Cake4173124176....So it makes it harder to type their name (For some people)
  13. SpInKsTaR

    Showing ping & FPS with nick & hp bar

    Well the best way to do it is to learn Lua
  14. SpInKsTaR

    hackers :(

    yeah umm Troy..dont come in here being all nice, then spamming your MSN and MTA Servers "Where to get the latest MTA Hacks".....
  15. SpInKsTaR

    WOW and Thankyou!

    Agreed! It was so worth the wait....Thanks MTA Team =)