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  1. 5 servers now (Each under 50 ping) and each time I find myself in the map with the other drivers crashed into a wall doing nothing. Also take a look at the radar, each time there is a little collection of dots at one point, maybe this is like a storage area for them or something? Pretty disapointing:
  2. ASE costs very little for all the stuff you get..
  3. Listen to yourself, really. Stop moaning because you sound like one of those "drooling morons with oversized egos and a mental age of around 15", this is only a forum for a game, nothing else. Although I agree with you to some small extent.
  4. There doesn't seem to be much intrest in this game at the moment but personally I can't wait, there are so many improvments over GTA3 including being able to purchase buildings that make me all wet.. Anyway, the latest news is that RockStar North have confirmed the release dat for Europe as May 16th in case there was any doubt (Which there was!) Source: http://gtavc.gamehorizons.net/ -------------------------------- Also for your viewing pleasure, here are some GameSpy previews showing the games features and improvements: Characters preview: http://gamespy.com/articles/april03/gtavc/
  5. I have to agree that I hardly ever see a moderator answer a question without moaning a little.
  6. How about one guy is the baddy and the rest of the players are cops? They have to hunt him down and stop him. When they do finally stop and kill him one of the cops becomes a baddy and has to evade the police. Some kind of scoring system could be made for how long you stay alive as the baddy, also baddies are given loads of guns so that they have a chance to kill the cops. Whatdya think?
  7. Who said anything about delays? Anyway I beleive that the game is completed now and they are just waiting for Sony's approved PC release date to come. Damn Sony.
  8. Yeah, it's a shame. Would have really seperarated the PC and PS2 versions.
  9. Check here http://www.multitheftauto.com/page.php?show=faq#english
  10. Lol, yeah. I don't see why they didn't work on this as soon as GTA 3 came out, more people would buy the game if it had multiplayer and they wouldn't look like they brought it out to make "a few more bucks". Their words. Anyway, looks like they just slapped Vice City on the back shelf till they finished counting their cash from the PS2 version and then thought they needed to slap together a PC version quickly.
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