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  1. You can, interstate was doing that but removed for release afaik, Use the gui functions Why did they remove it? Since interstate is my gamemode, i think i can answer this Before the release, interstate suffered some major, strange issues, which forced me to strip out all 'unnecesary' things, such as the custom nametags. To be really honest, interstate was completly rewritten 1 week before release (which is why some things previously seen in pictures and videos might not be there today), so stripping things out was the only thing i had time for. The code for the nametags is still there
  2. MTA does not support these things "out of the box", so to speak... But everything you mentioned can fairly easy be scripted with MTA's many scripting functions. As far as i know, there are currently no scripts for this, mainly caus we in the MTA:QA team have had other things to do. But I can almost promise you, these things will be possible within a near future, by either community scripts, or QA scripts.
  3. You dont have to know "whats the big differences". Thats none of your concern. Its not for the public to know. ok? The fact is that we wont release any new/old/present MTA: Race no matter how much you keep bugging us about it. All it will do is piss us off. Our eyes are strickly fixed on DM, and DM only. And no matter how much you keep whining about it, we wont change our minds.
  4. No, MTA will never be released. MTA is fake. Its just Photoshoped pictures. ........ cmon get real... of course its gonna be released. But as long as you keep whining at us, the longer its gonna take... If you want this mod so bad, try to give us some possetive feedback instead of your imature whines all the times. And yes, I am on the QA. and yes, I play DM more or less every day. And yes, the QA team is very busy. And finnaly, MTA IS on a feature freeze. Those "features" you see on the potd is SCRIPTED using the features we've had for ages! Get a clue before you start flaming...
  5. Your local gamestore should have plenty of copies avaiable for sale. You need to downgrade the *.exe tho, since the retail copy is v2.0.
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