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  1. gunzmeup911


    sorry for the bump but i get same error.. how do i creat a backup?
  2. gunzmeup911


    awwwww i really want this game.. plzzzzz :( :( all i need is a working patch
  3. gunzmeup911


    -.- its on my desktop in the folder -.- and what do u mean? i just got the patch off of gta3 mta section ... and gta3 i cracked it cuz im at my moms but at my dads (witch i visit 2 days a week) its not cracked... so i need a patch for the game that's crackeed... i know most of you will say "we dont help out warez ppl" but i really want this game really really bad.
  4. gunzmeup911


    wewt.. nice zion.. u owned me there... +rep
  5. gunzmeup911


    okay.. u ned to buy GTA VC or SA or GTA3. then u install it. come to this site. download it. install. play.
  6. gunzmeup911


    sorry i play MTA VC now but theres a slight problem with gta 3 mta i got the patch i try to patch gta3 mta to 1.1 so i can play but i get this error.
  7. thanks alot.. but now i get a error like this
  8. gunzmeup911


    i got it all working... i just get this error... thx
  9. my other thread got locked on GTA3 mta section and sombody said to buy gta3 or VC so i baught both.. i just wanted to know what do i do now that i got it.... please... explaine
  10. not my problem i dont know what to do help me please add playa_hustla_69@hotmail.com on msn plz
  11. i got gta3 on my pc from a site i dwonloaded from... what do i do next?
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