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    What is wrong?

    by Jamy Doger? lol I dont think so
  2. do u know what are you talking about?? which admins.ini ?? dumb ,go in server's folder ..mods->race and edit the mtaserver.conf ..at the end of the file you will have some lines where u must put admins ...
  3. http://home.deds.nl/~aeron/mtama/4.0/ here is but grab only mta.mrc the others u don't need ..it's a script..and then save it in wordpad (for example) ..as a mrc file
  4. search the forum for MTA:mA ..this is something like MTA Remote Admin but you need it..so download it..unzip in mIRC folder..type /load -rs mta.mrc ,and then choose "Server" (from bottom ..) and then "Connect" ..well but first of all you must type in the right of MTA:mA the details for yur server..enjoy but you must notice something like MTA:PRS1.3 Reactivated(after done this stepts)
  5. robik

    setting a reply

    ok..u're right..but any script I would have never will compare to yours..I mean your server rulles!..so you don't have to worry about that ... (!slap anderson)
  6. robik

    setting a reply

    oh I just asked for the script..why is that annoying? p.s: that is not an alias..is another computer because I can't use the same names ..with same IP obiviously.
  7. robik

    setting a reply

    hey..anybody CAN help me or NOT ?
  8. robik

    setting a reply

    and!! what is regarding to what I am asking!!! ?? ...I say a command which is set by a player..like !setreply, and after u use this command..you will have your own command..LIKE A PLAYER..that link u gave me it is for !addcom..I have that script already (thx) ..and it sets an command for admin example !addcom !cheat All cheaters will be banned..is not regarding to what I say because it is admin command.
  9. robik

    setting a reply

    oh and btw ..a command can't be official..any server has the ability to support any script(and I can write the command like anything else..if it disturbs you because it's "official") ...and you don't have to tell me that this forum has got Search option..I know this ..I am not so dumb.. and I need a script..not an information on how to use search... well thank you ! and btw I didn't find anything regarding to this on search..
  10. robik

    setting a reply

    hi ,I saw on a server that any player can set his own message using a command like !setreply ..well,basically this command act like !setreply [text] ...and the text which u type..all can see if they spell your name with ! infront..like !blabla .. so how should this kind of script would look like? Regards ,
  11. cool script but it may be abused..so I say only admins should have the command !addcom..I tested (being a normal player) and it succeded..
  12. Can you tell us what are the exactly changes from version 1.2 ? I mean which are the new features which are included in script 1.3? Regards,
  13. btw ..I tried the command !trace and it says only te person's IP..and on location it says I have to update GUS..update from where? always when I startup GUS it says to me GUS Update not found or something like this on MTAmA..so how else can I update my GUS definition? regards,
  14. robik

    voting a map

    yes scooby..this can be annoying but admin should have the option to turn vote on/off .. EDIT:u said I should replace with that..but replace what line? sorry I just don't know..hopefully I had a backup of PRS cause I tried to replace something and messed all up! )
  15. robik

    voting a map

    man..!new gives RANDOM MAP..I wanted to say voting an specific map
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