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  1. Just noticed this in the changelog Seems pretty targeted Cloudy
  2. Cloudhunter


    Ever wondered why people don't reply? You are freaking annoying. Bloody learn how to code LUA yourself instead of having to ask all the time. Cloudy
  3. Sorry about the delay. Not had much chance to work on it. All going well, I should have time to work on it tomorrow. Cloudy
  4. Just an update. Done quite a bit of work on it today. Vote kicking is now operational. Also added another command, getPlayerFromNickOrID. Which basically, does what it says on the tin. This way, you can easily have scripts which work with both nick's and ID's! I MAY have a release sometime in the next few hours; depends how well the scripting goes. Cloudy
  5. Well, there is only one relevant external function at the moment, and that is getPlayerByID(ID). Does exactly what it says on the tin, gets a player object from an ID. If the ID/Player doesn't exist, it returns false. I won't get chance to even go near the code until Monday. PM by ID is easy, I'll do that. Cloudy
  6. Right, I'll continue it. I'll be starting on it Saturday, Sunday, or Monday If I don't end up finishing it within the next week, I'll release the code for you to do with it what you wish. At present it: Assigns each player an ID from 1 to 200 When a player leaves the server, or get's their ID reassigned, it frees up the ID from the pool Allows admin's to set a player's ID - but only if it's not an already taken ID. It also allows you to set an ID outside the range - 1337 was a good test one Allows people with access to kick players by ID Adds a new column on the scoreboard for ID's
  7. Hmm... Well I've already got the beginning's of an ID script operational, basic kicking by ID is already there. If there is still demand for it, I'll work on it Saturday and try and get it working with votekick etc. Interested? Cloudy
  8. Cloudhunter


    I don't think it's a steam problem. Try disabling the Dynamic Menu, using the coreconfig.xml specified in the wiki. Link below. http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... sh_screens Cloudy
  9. Just try the copygtacontrols command It should fix alot of problems. Cloudy
  10. That's where cancelEvent() comes in handy, instead of adding health. Cloudy
  11. Cloudhunter

    button D:

    That code is inefficient, having two functions triggered when it could be done in one. button = guiCreateButton( 0.1, 0.2, 0.10, 0.03, "Admin!", true, WindowForm ) button1 = guiCreateButton( 0.1, 0.3, 0.10, 0.03, "Admin!", true, WindowForm ) addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function ( ) if (source == button) then outputChatBox ( "Admin! I Need You!, Help Me!!" ) else if (source == button1) then outputChatBox ( "Admin! I Need You!, Help Me!! (1)" )
  12. Cloudhunter

    button D:

    Search around. People have had exactly the same problem as you and fixed it. Cloudy
  13. Ah! Thanks for the information Cloudy
  14. Mine is also a bit slow - I think it's the streamer taking alot of CPU usage. Cloudy
  15. The maximum is 255, so that leaves 256 Cloudy
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