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  1. (I know its old) AFAIK XGL hates other 3D apps. If you dont need it, you can disable it. mkdir -p ~/.config/xserver-xgl touch ~/.config/xserver-xgl/disable After logging out and in again, XGL should be disabled. To enable it again: rm ~/.config/xserver-xgl/disable At the time I needed it for Compiz Fusion. It doesn't matter anymore because of the new ATI drivers (And my new card).
  2. It seems that SA doesn't work for me anymore on wine. Does installing xgl have anything to do with it?
  3. I bet he is! I doubt you will get to beta test for them. btw: Hi Azu *waves*
  4. Can someone give me the windowed mode file?
  5. To bad I have an integrated ati card, I have to wait another month until my gta will work at normal speeds.
  6. Dark_X

    Front page

    Where is the front page? All I get is this: Latest changes
  7. ROFL! Another "it won't work on Vista thread!" Would it be possible to add a readme file to the zip file that says "not compatible with vista"?
  8. I doubt they are going to answer that first question.
  9. Actually it is not Microsoft fault . It is the manufacturer's fault for not patching their product to make it compatible.
  10. Sorry, I read that wrong. I thought you ment the installation date of the game. BTW: I reintall windows alot.
  11. What if someone needs to reinstall? I don't see how this helps.
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