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  1. My Deepest condolences. Meh, it ain't even about the money..long retarded arguments lead to this bet, now all that is gonna go to waste and make me look like a chump. Even a public beta will do, shiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyt
  2. Lop_Dog

    [NB] NinetyNine-blaZed

    jajaja, still feels awkward posting here though..we are anticipating a release before 2008 so we thought we might get a thread going and while im here, i got an early christmas present for you shpitfiya >> http://www.busdrivergame.com/ <<
  3. Lop_Dog

    [NB] NinetyNine-blaZed

    harro norbay!! your sig pwns, i hope your dm performance is better otherwise i no talkin to joo anymo! btw: join #nbcave on gtanet to meet the friendliest llamas on the network
  4. I got money on this, so i hope its released before 2008
  5. Lop_Dog

    [NB] NinetyNine-blaZed

    noob infested roster
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