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  1. by Jamy Doger? lol I dont think so uhhm its only Remodeled By him
  2. plz rate it and comment it plz
  3. that is normal for that fance just find an other
  4. can u tell me how to play MTA windowed? plz
  5. ye my whole computer is crashed 2 times they R just noobs without live ...
  6. i think it wont work they are spamming 100 commands in less then 1 second before the script will kick them its alrdy down
  7. Jesse-As

    Cinema mod

    i want thst mod good suggestion
  8. i think you was on the uD server we got there 2 map under water the trick is : they maked IN the dam in the ''sahara''(;P)
  9. to connect with your own server on your comp u need to use as IP in quick connect
  10. Jesse-As

    Vk's DD Drop Slide

    maybe ill run it on the uD| server (+- 20 players)
  11. umhh Why you make freeze in it ? if you race behint a guy that typ !brb ... and why gus lvl 3?? normal ppl can also be brb
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