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  1. we got a tousand of such "hint's"...
  2. oh this is just unfair
  3. you dumpass, it have been released for weeks
  4. all this borthdays are annoying, and this "plz realeze mta da on my birthday" gonna piss mta team off ^^ at least it pissed me off srry for mistaces in text
  5. so you will release patches for mta da?
  6. Cenaf

    Why is there no one on?

    lol i can find a pile of servers with some players always 10. That most of the servers are empty is natural, bcause some guy wants a server and run it. But this servers usualy sux ^^
  7. I don`t get it It`s almoust finished or you still don`t know when it will be finished? Ot both in one time?
  8. ahem wait for gta 4 and then you will be sure what you will stick to
  9. Can i turn off nick tags and health bar in mta sa dm? This may be good for making movies on gta sa engine =)
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