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  1. Looking from what you have posted, it looks to be okay. I would check for typos in the function name you are trying to call. Honestly I can't really nail the problem because it appears that this is only a portion of the script you are working on. You might want to use tonumber on the part where you set the element data though, looks like you are trying to do math on a string.
  2. This problem might be resolved already, but I think there is one cause of this that wasn't mentioned. If you are running windows vista, or windows 7, then it is important to run all mod tools as an administrator every time. If you don't it will store some files in a hidden folder called virtualstore, where the game will pull those files instead of what is in your GTA directory. If you have installed the stock files back, and you still get this problem, that is likely why you are getting it. The files in your virtualstore are modded and the game is using those files instead of the directory fil
  3. Looks like it is just layed out backwards there almost. Try something like this (Sorry if there are any errors, the wiki is down and i can't make 100% sure i put the exact right function) function findPlayerMoney(player,command,player2) if (player2) then local name = getPlayerFromName(player2) if (name) then local playerMoney = getPlayerMoney(name) outputChatBox(player2.." has $"..tostring(playerMoney),player,255,255,0) else outputChatBox("No player found for "..player2,pla
  4. Yeah, I noticed it had been down too. The wiki taxi thing didn't really work either, so my server development is sort of grinding to a halt while the wiki is down, lol. Is there any news on the wiki being down or maybe an eta for when it will come back up?
  5. Read the wiki on how command handlers work. Also check out the function lists and get to know it. You can easily teach yourself how to make good scripts and you will be really proud of yourself when you make your first thing. Just go check out development.mtasa.com
  6. If you do find a way to do it, good luck getting the trains to drive normally. There's a weird circumstance that happens whenever I drive a train. It will speed up all of a sudden, going really fast as if a hack was present on it, often causing derailment. Unless you can circumvent that issue if you experience that as well, I wouldn't invest too much effort into making a huge train.
  7. SAMP might have protection against some glitches already. That would be the best explanation I think, since all that happens in single player, and it happened in DP versions of MTA. However, for future knowledge. It is probably best to ask about an SAMP issue on the SAMP forums, as scripting for SAMP and MTA are different and the functions on our wiki only work on MTA. If this doesn't answer your question, then I apologize, it took me a minute to get a grasp of what you were talking about.
  8. You have to use a combination of a clientside script and a serverside script. Buttons and other GUI elements can only be done clientside. However, things that can affect gameplay for you and others, such as fixing a car, are best done serverside. You can pull this off, but you will need to link the two scripts. Create a custom serverside event to trigger the fix. Have the GUI button trigger a function that has triggerServerEvent in it. How the window opens and goes away is totally up to you. I hope I have helped a little
  9. By default, when a car is created, the engine should be off. However, when a vehicle is entered, the cars engine will turn on by itself. To counteract this, the game must detect when people enter, exit, or die in a vehicle in order to force the engine to stop. Most vehicles will not operate when the engine is off, but helicopters, planes, bikes, etc. will still work even with the engine being off. I don't think I need to mention bicycles though. Anyway, the code below should take care of your problem. Make sure you test it before you put it on your server though. function carOffEnter(player,
  10. I might take interest in this. I (and Benji) scripted a server called MoP and Brigs MTA, it was around for a while but was ultimatley unpopular. Tell me what kind of scripts you want and I may cook some up if I get some free time.
  11. Look in the script for the function that starts the set of events. Then all you would have to do is add a command handler and make it call that function. You might have to toy around with it to get the variables to work with both onColShapeHit and addCommandHandler though. If you figure it out, make sure you add the bomb shop resource under your admin group in your ACL and protect the command.
  12. Use x-fire. It has a browser.
  13. It also seems to do this on my laptop. I run Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit edition, so it isn't likely a problem with Windows 7. I tried running it in compatibility to XP and run as administrator and it still does it. I sent a bug report. Other than that, this program looks quite promising, especially for absent minded people like me who sometimes forget to put in parentheses and have to alt-tab MTA just to fix one careless mistake. Thanks a bunch 50p!
  14. That is extremely cool. I never thought about that. Props to you!
  15. Yeah, definitely use colshapes. Its a pain in the ass to use commands. Make sure the colshape only triggers for what element you want it to trigger on. For instance, if you don't add this check, if someone drives in it, it will trigger for both the vehicle AND the player. do something like this: function openGate(theElement,matchingDimension) if (source == theColShape and getElementType(theElement) == "player") then moveObject(.......) end end Also make sure you add an event handler and function for when they exit the col shape so the gate will automatically close. As for the actual mov
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