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  1. Hi,

    This year I decided to make an unofficial CLI for MTA. For now I have:

    1. Resource is restarting after you will change source file (ex. .Lua)
    2. You can create new resource by typing "mta create <resourceName>" (i think it's great for begginers)
    3. You can compile all .Lua files to .luac just simply typing "mta compile" into CMD

    This CLI isn't finished yet so I'm looking for some feedback and features to add. You can test it today simply by installing it as global npm package. Full instalation manual is on repository.

    You can find it here: https://github.com/pawel-miczka/mta-cli

    Installation process is simple. First you need NodeJS on local computer. Then in CMD type:

    npm install -g mta-cli

    and then you can type into your CMD:

    mta --help

    for more details.

    If you don't have NodeJS installed I highly recommend doing it via chocolatey package manager (https://chocolatey.org/). If you have Chocolatey on your computer just simply type:

    choco install nodejs

    and NodeJS should get installed. You can install NodeJS in any different way.

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  2. On 24.08.2017 at 20:34, Jusonex said:

    It's too big to be integrated in MTA directly for the few people that will actually use it.

    Ye, cause bitwise operators were sooo important :D ...

    Cool feature would be to extend existing MTA classes like Vehicle, Pickup etc. because we could easily make new classes like PoliceVehicle, RacePickup for cleaner code of course. 

  3. Hi,

    Do WebSockets (for ex. libraries like Socket.IO) are working with browser created in MTA? I'm asking because I want to connect server via Socket.IO locally (NodeJS Express.js).

  4. C# is great oop language. There could be an option to choose between Lua and C# so ppl won't need to remake his scripts. Lua is bad if we are talking about oop. Many programmers prefer OOP over procedural cause it's better and cleaner.

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