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  1. Hess


    I know, i cant use mta, so it doesnt matter Then why use this forum?
  2. Hess

    uncrime command

    Do i have to explain..... It is used on RPG servers where cops can make people wanted for doing crimes. But the problem is, once they are wanted they stay that way until a cop kills them, so i need a special command where u can remove players from that list.
  3. Hess

    uncrime command

    What, you think i havent done that yet??? It only came up with http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t= ... ht=uncrime So if theres another one give me a link plz
  4. Hess

    mtama help please

    ok cool, ill talk to you on msn about it
  5. Hess

    uncrime command

    Hey, could someone please make or give me a link for a wanted script that includes a special uncrime command for admin. Btw im using mtama:grs admin system if that helps. Thanks
  6. Hess

    mtama help please

    Actually i have a couple of requests about grs. Could someone post or give me a link of the !slap and !kill script for grs (admin) unless its already on there but i havent found it. Ive tried loading scripts using grs but that doesnt work either. Can anyone help here?
  7. Hess

    mtama help please

    Ok nvm, got it working
  8. Hess

    mtama help please

    Hey, Just started a server to test scripts on and ive been trying to use the mtama script, but when i load it using mtama script loader, it somes up with a window saying MTA:mA:GRS - Loading Aliases. But the window just stays there, not doing anything and I think it is suppose to come up with a name/password prompt straight away when u load it. Can anyone help me here?
  9. Hess

    slap script

    How do I make myself admin using that script? EDIT: sorry about double post, the first one i didn't think it went through...
  10. Hess

    slap script

    How do I make myself admin using that script?
  11. I don't think that link works anymore either... New one please!!!
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